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some helpful hints for making this a safer space:

  • assume that the conversations you have here are confidential. feel free to share what you learn with anyone outside of this space, but use your judgment in disclosing things that people may not have intended to go any further
  • if youíre someone who tends to speak a lot, try to be aware of the space youíre taking up. we want everyone to feel like they can participate in discussions without being cut off or talked over
  • if you tend not to speak much, please let facilitators for discussions know if thereís something they can do to make discussions more comfortable
  • try to use language that is easy for everyone to understand, and be open to being politely interrupted if someone needs a definition or clarification
  • do not use racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or classist language, and please be open to having your word choice questioned. certain words may hurt people more than you realize
  • everyone gets to represent themselves, in terms of how they like to be called, what pronouns they use, and how they identify. if you donít know what pronouns someone uses, ask politely. try not to make generalizations about groups of people, and donít assume whoís in the room. class, ability, gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. are not always immediately apparent
  • as best as you can, be quick to laugh and slow to take offense. These are sensitive, personal topics and we want to create as comfortable a space as possible
  • if you disagree with someone, try to bring it up in a respectful way