David Aiken -- The One and Only Checkerboard Guy

Photo: Christopher Majka
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Checkerboard Guy]

It all started back in 1981 with three bundles of socks in the laundry basket, a desire to learn how to juggle, and more than a bit of natural showmanship.

"The Checkerboard Guy" became David Aiken's moniker in 1988, but his taste for checkers started years earlier; one might even say that Dave had a bit of a 'checkered past'.

Regarded internationally as one of the top entertainers in his field, The Checkerboard Guy is known from Canada to Europe to Japan as "The Champagne of Street Theatre," "The Prince of the Pavement," and even "The Checker Cab of Comic Daredevilism".

Check out his new website at http://www.checkerhead.com.

The Checkerboard Guy, Comic Daredevil, has three possible stunt finales, thus being able to perform three entirely different shows in a given day!

With the first finale, a casual passerby might think they see him tossing around three sticks while balancing on a piece of rope. But the Checkerboard Guy's audience is so well-trained by this point that they immediately notice that the sticks are burning! In fact, they are blazing! The Checkerboard Guy is juggling blazing torches while precariously balancing on less than an inch of nylon rope, supported by six brawny volunteers, eight feet in the air!

With the second finale, the uneducated passerby might think they see a guy on a one-wheeled bike trying to keep a garage sale aloft. In actual fact, the discerning audience immediately realizes that The Checkerboard Guy is juggling a burning torch, a 13th-century replica battle axe, and a stinky shoe while madly driving around on a unicycle that's taller than he is!

Dave's third and final possible finale is the only one that involves a gasoline-powered motor vehicle. And fire. And a volunteer from the audience. And a ramp. In fact, without the benefit of training, one might think they saw The Checkerboard Guy, Comic Daredevil, preparing to jump his 2hp motor scooter over a member of the audience who is lying at the end of a ramp holding two lit torches high in the air!

It would probably be best to hire yourself The Checkerboard Guy, become an audience member, live the adventure and then decide for yourself what this one is really all about ....

All three finales are extremely funny and all are sure crowd pleasers. Every time. Guaranteed.

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