A Scottish Damsel: Aileen Wilkie

Photo: Christopher Majka
Photo of
Aileen Wilkie on Unicycle

Aileen Wilkie is a lovely colleen from Edinbugh, Scotland, with the sweet charm of Drambuie and the leather voice of a sheep. She performs an outlandishly funny routine which involves juggling torches on a giraffe unicycle in a kilt, red stilettos and lipstick. A fine juggler, Aileen also does a snappy three-club routine in her show. After several years honing her art on the streets of Covent Garden and in Amsterdam, she wanted to get serious about performing. Recently she finished studying at the world famous Ecole Jacques Lecoq -- one of the foremost centers for the study of physical theatre in the world.

Aileen began developing her act eight years ago when she decided she wanted a job that would allow her to travel, something she does a great deal of now working at street performances and for conventions and parties. She bristles at the suggestion that all street performers are internerant vagabonds. "We are serious professional performers. I'm not what you would term a new-age hippie. I take what I do very seriously and professionally."

Recently she has been performing in festivals in Australia, New Zealand and North America while keeping her home base in London. She is working with an improv group there and is developing some new performance ideas. To get in touch with Aileen, write her at:

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