Evgenii Biljauer

Evegenii Bijauer was born on December 25, 1947 in a circus family. As a child he had many interests but his father, a juggler himself, pushed him to juggle. At age 12 he joined a group doing a juggling show and his talent showed. At age 15, after finishing school, he enrolled in the Moscow Circus School.

The first year he learned all the basic skills. The second year he began to specialize. The second and third year he studied dance, rhythm, history of circus, theatre and art. The third and fourth years he assembled an act with the help of the circus school staff and instructors.

In 1967 he graduated and he has worked all over the globe ever since. Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Afghanistan, Holland, Canada, the United States and Japan. As a youngster his idols were Albert Petrovsky, his teacher (Zemtsev) and Alexander Kiss. Kiss could not only do many difficult juggling tricks, but had many other circus skills.