Jason Billows

Ottawa native Jason Billows has been a enthusiastic member of the Bluenose Juggling club for the past four years while in Halifax as a student of theatre at Dalhousie University. As a naturally talented juggler he has taken the dramatic experience he has learned while studing theatre and combined it with his juggling saavy to create a compelling and entertaining street routine.

After graduating from Dalhousie, Jason took his show on the road on the busker circuit in Canada. At the end of the season, wanting more experience, he headed for Europe where he started performing on the streets. One thing led to another and he soon got a job working on cruise ships in the Mediterranean which is where is now biding his time. In the future Jason would like to broaden his technical and performance abilities and plans to continue studying the circus arts, possibly at the National Circus School. Good luck, Jason!

To get in touch with Jason give him a shout at grin@cyberus.ca.

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