Joey Cobden

Joey Cobden has been a rising talent at the Bluenose Jugglers ever since he joined. With a wacky sense of humour, an over active imagination and a superb ability to juggle almost any object that can be thrown, Joey is a juggling wunderkind.

Just look what they said at a Busker's Festival

He's definitely not your "Ordinary Joe"! That's what people are saying about Joe Cobden, Canada's youngest touring street performer. Joe has been touring professionally since he was 11 years old and his routine is a strong mix of comedy and juggling. He is a master of expression -- all of them funny, and his humor is a mix of wacky fun and wry, deadpan wit. Joe's act is an engaging blend of music, dance and mime. During the finale of his act, members of the audience shower him with flaming torches and join him in a hilarious gallop to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

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