Stephen Coughlan

Stephen Coughlan started juggling as a hobby about five years ago, and does three clubs (working on making his backcrosses solid), and (as the photos shows, as long as you can't see the strings holding them up!) five balls.

Lately he's been unable to make it to the juggling club very much, since his son gave up having naps on Saturday afternoon.

However, in a few more years he'll be old enough to come with him, and then his sister can join them a few years after that, and they can work on their own family version of Bruno's Nightmare!

The photos were taken at the place he does his real job, Dalhousie Law School and show him in his Barristers' gown.

They were taken by a colleague who wanted to use them as an illustration for a conference paper, to make some analogy about:

"keeping lots of balls in the air".

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