Viktor Filipovich

[Photo of Viktor 

Photo: Christopher Majka

Viktor Filipovich was born in the Ukraine and attended the circus school in Kiev where he met partner Anatoly Myakhostupov. They began working together and soon developed a sensational club passing routine doing many variations of six, seven, eight, nine and ten clubs. After graduating from circus school they entered the army where they travelled performing in military song and dance productions. Afterwards they joined the Russian circus and began travelling abroad showing their enormous talent. In 1989 they attended the European juggling convention in Maastricht.

In more recent years Filipovich and Myakhostupov have gone their seperate ways. Myakhostupov is now performing in the United States while Filipovich remains with the Russian circus. He has developed a sensational, fast-paced solo act that includes some dynamite club juggling, including back-crosses with five, six clubs and some remarkable six-club multiplexing. He has been touring in Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan. He is married and lives in Moscow with his wife and child. He recently toured Atlantic Canada with a group of Russian circus stars under the banner of the Kholmsky Circus.