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Fool's Paradise

In 1983 juggler Michael Hirschbach, dancer Linda Kierstead and magician/juggler Norman Schneiderman teamed up to form Fool's Paradise.

Between 1984 and 1986 Hischbach and Kierstead migrated to Paris to study at the internationally acclaimed Ecole Jacques Lecoq -- one of the foremost centers for the study of physical theatre in the world. Upon their return Fool's Paradise continued performances across the Maritimes and even further afield, travelling to Calgary as part of the Winter Olympics.

Here's a capsule review from one of their performances:

Fool's Paradise have a strong juggling component in their show. There are some nice three-person passing patterns with six and seven clubs. Linda steals clubs from the pattern and replaces them in inventive ways from the sides, behind and from below. Linda does lots of nice acrobatics through the patterns including a handstand with open legs under a shower of six fire torches. Michael & Norman chase three clubs around and inject a broom, ball, and giant tennis racket. They have a unicycle routine with formations and comic moves. Schneiderman rides eighteen inch midget unicycle to hilarious effect.
In recent years Schneiderman has devoted himself to solo performing as Nearly Normal Norman and to his work with the International Jugglers' Association. Kierstead has retired from perfoming and Hirschbach continues his busy schedule with Fool's Paradise as well as pursuing an avid interest in Theatre Sports.