Mr. and Mrs. Jones on Holiday!

[Photo of Mr. 
and Mrs. Jones]

At least a half dozen performers urgently told me, "Be sure you don't miss Mr. and Mrs. Jones on Holiday!" Now when a busker thinks than an act is great, it definitely whets my interest. I was not disappointed. The slightly off-center Mrs. Jones (a.k.a. Pinnie Treffers) and her earnest but goofy mate (a.k.a. Pieter Post) perform a circus-type act, but one in which the skills and presentation are definitely subordinated to the comic opportunities of the routine. The character work is in the finest European tradition. The jokes are not hackneyed, the routines are not cliched -- the material is original and derives its strength from their zany characters and the deftness of their presentation.

There is an uncomplicated diablo routine, and a visually compelling synchronized devil's sticks one using brooms. Helicopter spins are interspersed with all manner of high and irregular throws. They have a crisp 6 club passing routine with synchronized under-the-legs, shoulder throws, high doubles, etc. Post does a hilarious routine juggling handfuls of cornflakes while Treffers flails away trying to juggle clouds of soap bubbles. Unfortunately, the Jone's have since parted paths, so their great act is now a thing of the past.

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