William Lee and Lee Ross

New Yorker Lee Ross has visited Halifax doing a comedy/juggling routine. The long list of stops on his touring itinerary has included Holland, Japan, Vancouver, Australia and New Mexico. He worked solo as well as with frequent collaborator and fellow New Yorker, William Lee. They both perform solo three club juggling acts as well as a six club passing routine. Lee (that is to say William Lee -- do they ever get confused?) does a hilarious samurai act with an audience member and finishes with superb torch routine in which he did continuous under the arm throws, continuous chops and a long series of back-crosses. He did many other variations all of which were very solid and interesting: one of the the best torch routine I've seen on the streets.

William Lee has perfomed across the United States and in France for the past twelve years. When not juggling or street performing he also appears in dance productions.

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