Elena Andreevna Lev

Photo of Elena 
Andreevna Lev

Elena comes from a family that is famous in Russia's legendary circus mileau. Her mother is a former juggler while her father still performs on the flying trapeeze. Elena spent six years training at the Sport Club of Moscow where she studied rythmic gymnastics as well as dance andordinary gymnastics. Then she joined the Moscow Circus for one year before being invited to take part in the Cirque du Soleil's latest show, Alegria, which has been touring for North America for more than a year. In her spare time Elena has been studying juggling

Her routine is a sensational one involving spinning hoops which she manipulates all over her body. She keeps a hoop spinning on her foot which is raised vertically in the air and then she does various contortionist-like maneuvers on the floor -- all the while keeping the hoop spinning!

She also works with multiple hoops moving them up and down her body as if they were enchanted. Oh yes -- Elena is only fourteen years old!