Jerry Rowan and Daniel Looker

Pandemonium II is the combined comedic, acrobatic and juggling skills of Jerry Rowan and Daniel Looker and a better show, at least for my money, than either of their individual routines. The two are old friends from days past when they studied toge ther at the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus School in Florida. There is good comedy chemistry between them and their respective talents play nicely off one another.

Looker spends the winter months in Montreal honing his skills at the The National Circus School and the results show. His diablo routine was hands down the best one at the festival with difficult tricks, smooth transitions and a polished patter. There were continuous round the head, round the body and round the legs moves, a double pirouette, skipping rope, a superb front handspring, and a tricky move in which he releases one of the handles having it swing a full circle into his outstretched palm. His diablo expressway into a trashcan is 100% original -- imitators and plagiarists beware!

Looker is also becoming a connoisseur of the rolla-bolla with balances on one foot, one foot and one arm, handstands and a 180 degree jump. Impressive are his double rolla bolla (on two horizontal cylinders) and quadruple (on alternating vertical and hori zontal cylinders) balances. Nice to see real circus skill and artistry on the street.

Rowan has a fine 3 ball comedy routine with lots of variations including solid throws under both legs, a pirouette with three high and head rolls with a billiard ball. He and Looker pass 6 torches between an 8 foot unicycle and an unsupported ladder. He a lso performs a superb comic juggling routine with 3 clubs and an egg including multiple kickups into the pattern.

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