Mickey O'Conner

[Photo of
Mickey O'Connor]

Photo: Christopher Majka

Mickey O'Conner is a performer from Augusta, Maine who has a fine a mime/juggling routine. Mickey is quick and talented with lots of tricky moves in his work. His three-ball routine has lots of moves on the ground including lying in a plow position juggling a cascade over-top of his legs. Also a pirouette under three-balls in one hand. He then moves to five balls with several variations finishing with a three-ball flourish, pirouette and directly back up into a five-ball cascade. He cascades seven balls and finishes by putting them all down the front of his pants!

Since graduating from high school in 1986 Mickey has travelled to Expo '86 and the International Theatre Festival in Dublin as well as performing on the streets of Key West Florida, Boston and New York.

Get in touch with Mickey O'Connor or visit his website at http://www.mickeyo.web.com/.

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