Rebels With Applause

Another all-Canadian juggling duo are the flamboyant combination of Johnny Toronto (John McCorkell) and Madame Buskerfly (Kristi Heath) who work together under the banner of Rebels With Applause --move over Jimmy Dean! Both hail from Toronto but usually perform solo acts.

Buskerfly's particular shine is stiltwalking and she takes to it like a fly to honey. McCorkell is a deft juggler with polished and funny solo ball and club routines. The two team up for some torch juggling -- unicycle to stilts. They also have a fine comedy routine in which they knock ice-cream cones out of the teeth of two volunteers while showering six clubs.

Heath is one of the few performers at the festival with an academic background in theatre having studied at the University of Alberta. While there her eyes were opened by working with Richard Fowler of the experimental/traditional Danish street company, Odin Teatret. Since then she's never looked back.

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