Pierre Robert and Gabriel Gagnon

Quebecoise jugglers Pierre Robert and Gabriel Gagnon met at the school of the acclaimed Cirque de Soleil in Montreal. They both studied with Daniel Le Bateleur who strongly influenced their juggling approach. The final result is a two man show with lots of talent, energy, good-natured clowning, French-Canadian humour and -- naturally enough -- juggling. Gaby starts the show rolling with a well-choreographed 3-ball routine. It includes some nice rolls down the back, three in one hand and a series of moves using the balls, pressed together, in cigar-box fashion.

Pierre follows suit with a real cigar-box routine which is nicely choreographed to upbeat music. It is slick, well-rehearsed and has some nice moves in and around the legs, with the boxes rotating in vertical and horizontal planes finishing with a single pirouette.

They also have a nice six club routine which has them rotating in a semi-circle throwing variations. They simultaneously break into individual 3-club shower patterns, rotate once around and then resume passing. They do some 3-club chasing and stealing fro m the sides and below. In contrast to the endless passing-six-torches-on-giraffes routine which so many buskers do, Pierre & Gaby perform the same trick passing between a rolling globe and a six foot unicycle -- a welcome change! Pierre also does a balanc e on the globe with mouthstick and plate while spinning one ball and juggling two others.

These days Pierre Robert is very busy having established a company that makes circus props. They say he makes the best rolling globes to be found -- anywhere on the globe!

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