Tri Jesters

[Photo of The Tri Jesters]

Kyla, Dana and Alexis Walker are from Florida and they're the Tri-Jesters. Their show just keeps getting stronger, better and more diverse with new skills and routines. All three ride giraffes in different formation patterns. Both Kyla and Alexis do simple 4 ball routines while Dana juggles five with a couple of variations and briefly throws 7! The girls follow with simple 3 club routines and Dana with 4. Alexis and Dana pass clubs with behind the back, and high doubles and triples finishing by showering 7 clubs. In a new finale number they juggle and pass torches on stilts. A nice touch is the electric piano/synthesizer that all three kids play to accompany their routines -- on top of everything else they're musically talented!

Alexis was the first of the kids to learn to juggle and her brother and sister quickly folowed suite. Their Mom and Dad decided that the trio should take their show on the road after seeing other performers and deciding that it could be a fun and unique learning experience for their children.

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