Waldo-Woodhead Show

Sure-fire crowd-pleasers wherever they appear were the Waldo-Woodhead Show starring Waldo (Paul Burke), Woodhead (Mark Keppel). Formerly musician and Witlo (Ron Labbe) also worked with the group. There is much fine juggling by Waldo including his patented hat routine with with three top hats. This is followed by a three, four, and five-ball routine with many complex variations all delivered in Waldo's characteristic laconic style.

Waldo does a routine with mouth and two ping-pong balls. The signature piece of the Waldo-Woodhead Show is a three-club passing piece with daffy, rubber-kneed Woodhead showering three clubs with Waldo while the latter throws all kinds of absurd props, such as a horn, bird-cage, large ball, chair, and guitar into the pattern. The character development of both performers is excellent and makes their show at least a notch or two above the juggling pack.

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