(Accepted in April 1995, Revised April 1997, Revised April 2003)


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Article I -- NAME

  1. The name of this organization shall be the ASSOCIATION OF NOVASCOTIA SQUARE AND ROUND DANCE TEACHERS, hereinafter calledANSSRDT.

Article II -- PURPOSE

  1. The purpose of ANSSRDT shall be to contribute to the enjoyment of Square and Round Dancing throughout Nova Scotia. (We intend to use "Square and Round Dancing" in the broad sense which includes contra dancing, clogging, line dancing, and other related forms of dance as applicable here and below.)

  2. The activities of ANSSRDT shall include:
    1. Conducting appropriate training classes, workshops, and clinics to assist callers, cuers and prompters to improve their abilities.
    2. Appointing directors for an independent standing committee to administer the Alguire Callers Memorial Fund.
    3. Publication of a newsletter and other relevant information.
    4. Supporting the activities of the Square and Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia hereinafter known as the Federation.
    5. Supporting the activities of the Maritime Callers and Cuers Association hereinafter known as MCCA.
    6. Other activities approved by the ANSSRDT members.

  3. In this effort all members agree:
    1. To abide by the Code of Ethics as listed in the By-Laws.
    2. To be guided by the various publications of CALLERLAB, ROUNDALAB, and CONTRALAB in choosing material for the instruction of new dancers and to conform to the appropriate lists when calling, cueing, or prompting for clubs belonging to the Federation. (It is not intended that this clause shall limit in any way the material which a caller, cuer, or prompter may use in his/her instructional or entertainment program, but rather, to insure standardization of movements and greater dancing pleasure for all our Square and Round dancers.)
    3. To freely exchange information pertaining to records, calls, dances, and other information related to square and round dancing.
    4. To assist each other as well as all new callers, cuers, prompters, and clubs wherever and whenever possible.

  4. ANSSRDT shall operate as a not-for-profit organization without purpose of financial gain for its members, and any profits or other accretion to the organizations shall be used in promoting its objectives.   BACK


    1. Active membership in this association shall be open to all currently active square and round dance leaders in Nova Scotia and their partners. Square and round dance leaders includes callers, cuers,contra prompters, and clogging teachers.
    2. Active membership shall also be open to those persons who are currently learning to call, cue, prompt, or teach.

    1. Associate membership shall be open to leaders from neighboring provinces currently active in calling, cueing, prompting or teaching within the Square and Round Dance activity.
    2. Associate membership shall also be open to persons in Nova Scotia who have been active members but are no longer active, and who wish to continue to attend workshops and/or receive printed material.
    3. Associate members shall not have a vote nor shall they be eligible to hold office in ANSSRDT.

    1. Honourary membership may be granted in ANSSRDT to those persons, regardless or nationality or profession, who, by virtue of their personal efforts, have made a noteworthy contribution to Square or Round Dance activities in Nova Scotia.
    2. Honourary members shall not have a vote nor shall they be eligible to hold office in ANSSRDT.

    1. Revoking an Active Membership shall only be considered after the Executive Committee receives a written petition stating that a member has repeatedly violated the Code of Ethics.
    2. If the Executive Committee finds sufficient grounds for the complaint, then the member shall be informed of the complaint in writing and the matter shall be brought before the general membership.
    3. A majority vote shall be required in order to revoke membership and the associated privileges.   BACK

    Article IV -- MEETINGS

    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the spring (normally April) of each year. At that time the Executive Committee shall be elected and yearly reports shall be submitted from the treasurer and the Alguire Callers Memorial Fund Committee. The fiscal year shall be April 1 to March 31.

    2. A General meeting shall be held each autumn. The specific date, time, and place shall be selected by the membership and announced at least 30 days prior to such meetings.

    3. Special general meetings may be held at such other times as are deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. The membership shall be notified either in writing or verbally, at least 15 days prior to such a meeting.   BACK

    Article V -- QUORUM

    1. Each paid-up active member shall have one vote. (The leader has one vote and their usual dancing partner has one vote.)

    2. A quorum shall consist of the lesser of 15 active members or 50% of the paid-up active members. A quorum must be present in order to vote on Constitutional or By-Law amendments and financial matters not controlled by the Executive Committee.  BACK

    Article VI -- COMMITTEES

    ANSSRDT shall have the following committees:


      1. The operations of ANSSRDT shall be conducted by the Executive Committee, which shall be comprised of the following officers:
        1. President
        2. Vice-President
        3. Secretary-Treasurer (this may be two positions)
        4. Round Dance Training Coordinator
        5. Square Dance Training Coordinator
        6. ANSSRDT Representative to the Federation

      2. Members of the Executive Committee, except the Secretary-Treasurer,shall be elected by the active membership of ANSSRDT during the spring (normally April) meeting. Only paid-up active members shall be eligible for election to those positions. These officers shall assume the duties of their office at that meeting. Because of the need for close liaison, the Secretary-Treasurer may be appointed by the president and subsequently approved by the membership at the next meeting.

      3. The duties of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall be those normally associated with such positions. The Secretary shall also keep attendance records of workshops and meetings and include them with the minutes of the associated meeting. The duties of the Training Coordinators shall be to organize the clinics and workshops presented at each meeting. The Representative to the Federation shall act as a liaison with the Federation Executive.

      4. The position of the Square or the Round Dance Training Coordinator may beheld in conjunction with another position within the Executive Committee.

      5. The Vice-President shall automatically fill a Presidential vacancy occurring during the year. Any other vacancy within the Executive Committee shall be filled by Presidential appointment.

      6. The Executive Committee shall act as a nominating committee for the next election of officers and shall provide a list of eligible members willing to stand for the various offices.

      7. No member shall fill the same office on the Executive Committee more than two years in succession.   BACK


      1. ANSSRDT shall elect at least five ANSSRDT members who shall be the Directors of The Alguire Callers Memorial Fund. They shall administer the funds in accordance with the criteria listed below. The directors shall be up for re-election in April of every even-numbered year.

      2. A separate bank account shall be maintained to control the financial dealings of The Alguire Callers Memorial Fund. The treasurer-director handling this fund shallbe responsible for reporting to ANSSRDT as well as to the committee.

      3. Money from the fund is to be used to bring in a Caller Leader to run a Callers School open to all callers and to run a fundraising dance in conjunction with this school.

      4. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland callers shall automatically receive a tuition reduction in return for the initial generous fund support from Nova Scotians and Newfoundlanders.   BACK


  1. Proposed amendments shall be made known to the membership in writing at least 30 days prior to a regularly scheduled meetingor a meeting called specifically for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

  2. Amendments shall pass if a quorum is present at the meeting and the amendment is approved by 2/3rds of the voting members present.   BACK


(Accepted in April 1995, Revised April 2003)



  1. Active membership dues shall be $10.00 per couple, per year. As Square and Round Dancing is a couple activity, members are encouraged to include their normal dancing partner in ANSSRDT activities.

  2. Associate Membership dues shall be $5.00 per year.

  3. Honourary members shall be assessed no dues by ANSSRDT.

  4. Annual membership dues shall be payable to the Secretary-Treasurer as of 31st March of each year, but shall normally be called for at the business meeting conducted for the purpose of election of officers.  BACK


  1. To aim primarily to provide enjoyment for dancers.
  2. To promote good fellowship.
  3. To discourage cliques.
  4. To help beginners.
  5. To insure that proper decorum is observed at all dances.
  6. To maintain a professional attitude toward fellow members.
  7. To co-operate with other members in exchanging information.
  8. To adhere to uniform nomenclature.
  9. To maintain a good reputation for personal integrity.
  10. To keep scheduled appointments.  BACK


  1. Callers and cuers are encouraged to provide up-to-date contact information to the Secretary-Treasurer.

  2. Callers and cuers should encourage the members of their clubs to travel and dance to other callers and cuers at every opportunity.

  3. The most recent basic movements list recommended by this association should be taught to all new dancers before graduating them into a regular club.

  4. Callers and cuers should donate, as time permits, their personal efforts towards the furtherance of square and round dancing including benefit dances, demonstration dances, and other promotional activities.

  5. Special Dances should be coordinated with ANSSRDT and the Federation to ensure the widest possible publicity, attendance, assistance and the least conflict with other planned dances.   BACK


  1. Any dance activity programmed by ANSSRDT will use mainly paid-up active members who have satisfied both of the following criteria.
    1. Attended at least two ANSSRDT morning or afternoon workshops during the previous twelve months.
    2. Attended at least one ANSSRDT meeting during the previous twelve months.

  2. ANSSRDT shall recommend to MCCA for participation in the Maritime Convention paid-up active members who satisfy the criteria in part A above and who are known to be calling/cueing on a regular basis to a club or class. If the member is working with someone, they must have successfully presented a full evening program.   BACK


  1. The Executive Committee is authorized to spend not more than $100.00 in any 90-day period without approval of the membership.

  2. Expenditures in excess of $100.00 shall require approval at a regularly scheduled general meeting.   BACK


  1. Upon dissolution of ANSSRDT the assets thereof shall be disposed of as voted by the active membership at that time.


  1. Proposed amendments to these By-Laws shall be made known to the membership in writing at least 30 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting or a meeting called specifically for the purpose of amending the By-Laws.

  2. Amendments shall pass if a quorum is present at the meeting and the amendment is approved by 2/3rds of the voting members present.   BACK