(Approved June 1994; Revised June 2001, November 2006)



The Bylaws shall amplify the Constitution and set down the rules governing the operation of M.C.C.A.. Motion to amend a bylaw must be submitted to the Executive, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to a general meeting. Passage shall require a 2/3rds approval of the voting members present.


  1. The election of officers shall occur at the Annual Meeting of M.C.C.A.normally held in June.
  2. A nominating committee consisting of the Past President and a past member of the Executive shall nominate an active member of M.C.C.A. for each office. Nominations, duly seconded and verified for willingness to serve, shall also be accepted from the floor. The Vice-President shall automatically be nominated for President when the President leaves office.


In the event that any member of the elected executive cannot fulfil the duties of their office, the following shall apply:

  1. President:     The Vice-President shall act.
  2. Any other office:     The President shall appoint an active member to fill the vacancy until the next General Meeting at which time the members shall elect a new officer.


  1. Only active members of M.C.C.A. shall be eligible to vote. Associate members are not eligible to vote.
  2. Each Caller/Cuer and his/her spouse or dancing partner shall be equal members of M.C.C.A. with equal privileges. (Each member of an active member couple shall have one vote. Single active members shall have one vote.)  BACK


  1. The M.C.C.A. Executive shall have the authority to commit M.C.C.A.funds as required to organize the annual convention.
  2. Convention expenses shall be paid from convention funds.
  3. Costs for caller/cuer transportation, accommodations and meal shall bepaid by the respective caller/cuer.
  4. All profit from the conventions shall be turned over to M.C.C.A. to be used in normal operation as generally approved by the membership. These operations include but are not limited to the following:
    workshops and training sessions, administrative costs, bursaries, and future conventions.


The three authorized signing officers for M.C.C.A. shall be the president,the treasurer and one other authorized individual. Any two are authorized to sign the checks.


  1. Each active member of M.C.C.A. shall pay dues of $5.00 per year.payable at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Dues for associate members shall be $5.00 per year.
  3. Only one membership fee is required for a couple, whether or not they are both callers and/or cuers. Single callers/cuers shall pay one full membership fee.


  1. Unless otherwise covered, M.C.C.A. shall provide and pay for dance related liability insurance coverage for the Association and for the annual convention.
  2. All affiliated associations shall be expected to carry and pay for insurance required to cover their own associations and members.


  1. Workshops and training sessions shall be organized by the Square and Round Dance Coordinators and their committees.
  2. A minimum of one workshop and training session sponsored by M.C.C.A.shall be held each year, normally at the Annual Meeting in June.
  3. Affiliate associations may also hold workshops and training sessions on their own. M.C.C.A. requests that the coordinating committees be advised of such plans. Where possible, invitations should be extended to all members of the affiliated associations.


  1. Applicants for bursaries should follow the guidelines contained in "Criteria for M.C.C.A. Bursary". Contact the secretary for this publication.
  2. One or more bursaries may be awarded each year when funds are available, and will be voted on at the Annual Meeting.
  3. Bursaries shall cover registration fees only, up to a maximum of two hundred (200) dollars Canadian.
  4. The Bursary Board shall consist of the Executive of M.C.C.A..
  5. The Bursary Board shall review all applications and submit recommendations at the Annual Meeting.
  6. A 2/3 majority approval of the membership attending the Annual Meeting will be required before any Bursary is awarded.
  7. The Bursary Board shall inform the Secretary and Treasurer of M.C.C.A.of the name and addresses of bursary recipients.


  1. Convention Chairperson
    1. Procuring facilities for the current convention (dance space,rooms for extra events, hotel rooms, etc.)
    2. Maintaining close contact with other convention chair people as to progress in all areas
    3. Keeping the Convention Administrator fully informed at all times
    4. Furnishing, with the assistance of the other convention chairpeople, a report of the convention
    5. Sensitive issues should be discussed with the M.C.C.A. President and Vice President before action is taken.
  2. Square Dance Program Chairperson
    1. Programming and staffing of square dance halls with callers,cuers and MCs as required
    2. Programming partners duties on the registration desk
    3. Preparing the program distributed to the dancers in cooperation with the Round Dance Program Chairperson and the Registration Chairperson
    4. Working closely with the Convention Chairperson regarding facilities needed
    5. Keeping the Convention Chairperson informed on progress
  3. Round Dance Program Chairperson
    1. Programming and staffing the round dance halls with cuers and MCs as required
    2. Providing cuers for square dance halls, if needed, in cooperation with the Square Dance Program Chairperson
    3. Keeping the Convention Chairperson informed on progress
  4. Registration Chairperson
    1. Preparing, printing and distributing registration forms
    2. Maintaining the convention bank account
    3. Accepting and confirming registrations
    4. Printing convention ribbons
    5. Paying bills authorized by the Convention Chairperson and the Registration Chairperson
    6. Preparing and distributing the registration package
    7. Keeping the Convention Chairperson informed on progress
    8. Preparing the financial statement
  5. Fashion Show Chairperson
    1. Organizing the fashion show including contacting models, writing and delivering descriptions, and arranging for music and a photographer
    2. Coordinating with the Convention Chairman and Program chairpeople regarding needed facilities and time allowed for show
    3. October 15th is the official deadline for accepting applications.Late applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Fashion Show Chairperson.
    4. Keeping the Convention Chairperson informed on progress
  6. Publicity Chairperson
    1. Preparing and distributing press leases and any public convention advertising that is deemed useful
    2. Pursuing any possible TV, radio or newspaper coverage that would contribute to good public relations
    3. Keeping the Convention Chairperson informed on progress


  1. Callers must be recommended by a provincial association as being an active member, a participant in at least one of the provincial training sessions within the last year, and deemed qualified to call or MC at the Convention. Cuers must be recommended by a provincial association as being a member and deemed qualified to cue or MC at the Convention
  2. In order to call or cue, the member must be calling/cueing on a regular basis to a club or class. If working with someone, the member must be capable of and have done full evening programs.
  3. Must be an active member of M.C.C.A., having fulfilled the requirements of paying dues for the current year. Callers must have attended each of our four events (June workshop, June meeting, November Convention, November meeting) at least once in the last three years. Cuers must have attended at least two of our four events at least once in the last three years.
  4. In order to call or cue, the member must have attended at least one M.C.C.A. Convention. A caller or cuer with less than two years of calling or cueing experience will only be eligible to MC.
  5. Callers must have attended the current year's full annual M.C.C.A. training session and meeting unless a valid reason is given, such as:
    1. illness of self or spouse
    2. death in the family
    3. other reason deemed acceptable by the M.C.C.A. executive
    In any of the above cases, the reason must be submitted in writing to the M.C.C.A. secretary by June 30th, and notification before the meeting would be appreciated.
  6. In lieu of fulfilling (E), cuers must have attended or completed at least one self-improvement event during the last three years.
  7. Must have applied in writing to the M.C.C.A. executive by June 30th each year.
  8. The M.C.C.A. Executive shall decide which applicants satisfy the above criteria and shall so inform the Program Chairpersons. Callers/cuers who do not adhere to the ground rules listed below may be denied future calling/cueing privileges.


The M.C.C.A. Executive shall be empowered to waive one or more of the standard criteria for calling/cueing at a M.C.C.A. convention when considering the eligibility of a caller/cuer who has already fully participated in at least fifteen (15) M.C.C.A. conventions. This is not an automatic waiver, but rather an option to take other merits in to consideration.


  1. Callers/cuers primary concern should be the dancers pleasure. The success of every convention depends on the callers/cuers attitude.
  2. Each caller or cuer should remember that it is a privilege to call or cue at a convention. Every time slot should be considered a golden opportunity to perform to the best of their ability.
  3. Callers/cuers are expected to be in the room one half hour before their assigned time and to check in with the MC.
  4. Callers/cuers must adhere to their assigned time slots.
  5. Callers/cuers are expected to adhere to the current Callerlab or Roundalab program advertised for the room or time slot.


  1. Arrive in the hall one half hour prior to your assignment.
  2. Check to ensure that all callers/cuers assigned to your MC period are present and obtain the pertinent information necessary for a proper introduction.
  3. Check singing call and round dance records for the session to avoid duplication and update the list of those used.
  4. Introduce and thank each caller and cuer and make any other necessary announcements.
  5. Monitor the sound and deal with or make the caller/cuer aware of any problems.
  6. See that each participant stays within the allotted time and that all goes well during your assigned time.
  7. In the event that a caller/cuer or alternate does not make himself or herself known to the MC before the assigned time, the MC will find an alternate or call/cue during that time slot.
  8. An MC should only dance if it is necessary to complete a square.


All members of M.C.C.A. shall strive to obtain the following objectives:

  1. To aim primarily to provide enjoyment for dancers
  2. To promote good fellowship within and between clubs
  3. To promote cooperation between various square and round dance organizations
  4. To provide new dancers with clear and dignified instruction and ample encouragement
  5. To use and encourage proper decorum at all dances
  6. To maintain a professional attitude towards fellow members, honouring contracts, financial affairs, and self-improvement
  7. To cooperate with other members in exchanging calls or cues, records,and other professional materials pertaining to square and round dancing
  8. To adhere to uniform nomenclature as specified by Callerlab or Roundalab
  9. To maintain a good reputation for personal integrity both within the square and round dance activity and as a representative of the activity to non-dancers