Approved June 1994



  1. Bursaries will only be awarded to callers or cuers who attend a registered or established callers or cuers school and which school, in the opinion of M.C.C.A., will meet all the standards of a qualified callers' or cuers' school.
  2. Bursaries will be awarded up to a maximum of Two Hundred Dollars($200.00) Canadian Funds each to cover registration fees only.


  1. To be eligible to receive a bursary a person must satisfy one of the following:
    1. Any active M.C.C.A. caller or cuer who wishes to up-grade his orher calling or cueing skills and ability.
    2. Any beginning caller or cuer who has been working with an active member of M.C.C.A. for one (1) year or more and is recommended bytheir sponsor.
    3. Any Atlantic square or round dancer who has completed two (2) or more seasons as a dancer and shows a sincere desire and some potential to become a caller or cuer and who is sponsored by an active member of M.C.C.A.
  2. All persons applying for bursaries must have attended one (1) or more M.C.C.A. Annual Square and Round Dance Convention(s).
  3. Normally a person shall be eligible to receive a bursary only once every three (3) years.


  1. Application forms may be obtained by contacting the Secretary of M.C.C.A..
  2. Applications should be submitted on M.C.C.A. application forms.
  3. Application forms must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the sponsor.
  4. Application forms should also be accompanied by a letter from the local or provincial association indicating their awareness of this application along with their comments.
  5. Application forms should be submitted to the Secretary of M.C.C.A. by March 31 in order to be considered during that calendar year.
  6. Bursaries will be awarded each year at the Annual Meeting.


  1. Any active M.C.C.A. member, not engaged in conducting a Callers' or Cuers' School, may sponsor a dancer or beginning caller or cuer.
  2. The sponsors letter of recommendation should address the following questions:
    1. Does the sponsor feel the applicant has the sincere desire to become a caller or cuer?
    2. What potential has been shown for success?
    3. Is there need for another caller or cuer in the applicants area?
    4. Does the applicant fully understand that he or she will be expected to provide time for caller's duties, practice, training and development, and provide a financial commitment for equipment and the upkeep of same?


  1. The secretary of M.C.C.A. shall inform all the applicants of the decisions made by M.C.C.A..
  2. Successful applicants shall be forwarded a cheque made payable to the school of their choice.
    Or, upon receiving a copy of a formal receipt from the school the caller or cuer attended, a cheque will be issued in Canadian Funds to the successful applicant.
  3. Applications for all unsuccessful applicants will be held and reviewed for the next years bursary if the applicant so desires.  BACK


Name ______________________________
Mailing Address ______________________
Phone Number _______________________
Partner's Name ______________________

Date of Application ________________________
Presently Affiliated with _____________________________ Square/Round Dance Association.
Number of Years Dancing Experience: __________
Number of M.C.C.A. Maritime Conventions Attended: ________
Number of Years of Calling/Cueing Experience:
            For Class _________ ,   For Club _________

Occupation: ____________________________________________________________
Do you presently have any Sound Equipment? __________________________________
Are you prepared to purchase necessary Equipment, Records and Training Materials? ____________
Are you prepared to become a Member of the Local Square/Round DanceCaller/Cuer Association and Attend Training Seminars to be given by Provincial or Maritime Associations? _______________________________

Callers' / Cuers' School For Which you are Applying:
Place: ____________________________________ Date: ________________________
Teachers: ______________________________________________________________

State Your Reasons For Wishing to Become a Caller/Cuer or for Upgrading Your Calling/Cueing Ability.

I am familiar with the Constition and the By-Laws of M.C.C.A. and agree to abide by and promote the Aims and Objectives of the Association.

Signature:    ___________________________________________________________

This Application is Accompanied By:
    _____ Letter from Sponsor, Sponsor's Name: _______________________________
    _____ Letter from Local or Provincial Association: ___________________________

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