(Approved June 1994 - Revised June 2001)



With the objective of stimulating a greater interest in the square and round dance activity, callers and cuers in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada do establish the Maritime Callers and Cuers Association.

Further, we hold that the pursuit of good calling, cueing and teaching will promote the healthy growth of the activity within the Atlantic Provinces. The attainment of these goals requires opportunities for training and evaluation by respected teachers and peers as well as dance events where wecan practice the knowledge gained. We support the right of all callers and cuers to practice the profession freely and with equal opportunity. We acknowledge our great responsibility and obligation to the square and round dance activity.


  1. The Maritime Callers and Cuers Association shall be the name of this organization. Herein after it shall be referred to as M.C.C.A. or as the Association.
  2. The objective of this organization is to stimulate a greater interest in the Square and Round Dance Activity by:
    1. Coordinating the training for all caller or cuer members under recognized teachers of callers and cuers.
    2. Liaising with affiliated associations to supply the necessary callers and cuers to conduct the annual M.C.C.A. Convention.
    3. Conducting the annual M.C.C.A. Convention.
    4. Fostering exchanges of information and callers/cuers with other organizations in Canada and the United States.


  1. Affiliated Associations: Any Atlantic Square Dance Callers and/or Round Dance Cuers Association may become an affiliated association of M.C.C.A. by registering, in writing to the Secretary, the name of the association, a membership list, and the name of the contact person for the association.
  2. Active Members: General membership is open to any caller or cuer who is a member of an affiliated association of M.C.C.A and shall be governed by the membership requirements of the respective association. An eligible caller or cuer shall become an active member of M.C.C.A. after demonstrating membership in an affiliated association, paying the annual M.C.C.A. dues, and attending a M.C.C.A training session and meeting. In order to maintain active membership a caller or cuer must attend each of the following annual events at least once in every three years.
    1. An annual M.C.C.A. Convention
    2. A Sunday meeting following a M.C.C.A. Convention
    3. At least 3/4 of an annual M.C.C.A. training session
    4. The Sunday meeting following an annual M.C.C.A. training session
  3. Associate Members: Any active or inactive caller or cuer may become an associate member of M.C.C.A. by forwarding a written request to the executive and paying the annual associate membership dues.   BACK


The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Convention Administrator, Square Dance Coordinator and Round Dance Coordinator shall be the Executive Committee of the organization. They shall be elected each year at the Annual Meeting of M.C.C.A.. With the exception of the Convention Administrator, the maximum consecutive term of office in one position shall be two years.

Section 1:    The President's duties shall be to preside over all meetings, appoint committees as required, and to approve all funds spent bythe organization.

Section 2:    The Vice-President's duties shall be to preside over any meeting when the President is unable to do so, and to work as liaison officer with the Square and Round Dance Coordinators in arranging the facilities for the June workshop/training meeting.

Section 3:    The Secretary's duties shall be to record the minutes of all meetings, take care of all correspondence, maintain the files of the Association, and annually produce a list of paid-up members with their addresses and phone numbers.

Section 4:    The Treasurer's duties shall be to maintain the Association bank account, collect all dues, pay all bills, produce an annual financial statement, and provide a list of paid-up members to the secretary.

Section 5:    The Convention Administrator's duties shall be to inspect and evaluate future convention sites, to help the current convention chairperson as needed, and to head the nominating committee for future convention chair people. To ensure continuity, this office should be held for a minimum of three years to a maximum of five years.

Section 6:    The Square Dance Coordinator's duties shall be to head a committee of Square Dance Training Coordinators representing each affiliated square dance callers association. Together they shall arrange for resource people to conduct clinics and teaching sessions for all levels of callers.

Section 7:    The Round Dance Coordinator's duties shall be to head a committee of Round Dance Training Coordinators representing each affiliated round dance cuers association. Together they shall arrange for resource people to conduct clinics and teaching sessions for all levels of cuers.


  1. An Annual Meeting shall be held once a year in conjunction with a workshop/training session. M.C.C.A. executive officers shall be voted upon at this meeting. A second General Meeting shall be held following the annual convention.
  2. All active and associate members shall be eligible to attend these meetings and training sessions.


  1. Amendments to this constitution shall be considered at Annual Meetings after at least thirty (30) days notice in writing to the Executive Committee. Passage of such motions shall require a 2/3rds approval of the voting members present.
  2. Upon dissolution of M.C.C.A., any funds remaining after all debts are paid shall be divided between the affiliated associations in a manner deemed equitable by the voting members.
  3. Any condition or circumstance not covered by this constitution or by-laws shall be covered by the parliamentary authority of Robert's Rules of Order (current edition).   BACK