Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia


INTERNET VERSION - dated: 10 February, 2021
Additions and changes are always occurring; this version was revised on the date above.

Information for the Calendar of Events should be given to:

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Gary & Dottie Welch
415 Conrad Road
Lawrencetown, NS    B2Z 1S3
(902) 435-4544

Printable versions of the Calendar will be distributed monthly as E-mail attachments to Club and Regional Reps, and to anyone else interested in receiving them. Please contact the Webmaster to put yourself on the distribution list.

If you supply a MS Word Document, .pdf or .jpg version of the flyer for your special event, it will be published in the "Dance Flyers" page of this web site. A link to the flyer will be included in the Calendar.

The Calendar serves two purposes:
(1) To keep dancers informed of upcoming events. Club Reps should therefore print a copy for their clubs, and spread the word about this on-line version.
(2) To help avoid conflicts between dances. Please try not to schedule your dance on a date already selected, especially if the scheduled dance is listed in bold type. Bold type listings are club Special Dances.


Square dancing in Nova Scotia might resume in the fall of 2021; it is too early, though, to know what form it will take.

The Federation will keep you informed as the situation clarifies.

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