Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia

(Fund Raiser for Halifax National Festival 2010)

Cole Harbour Place, Dartmouth

July 20th & 21st, 2007

Drenching downpours couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of over 20 squares of enthusiastic dancers and leaders.

Special thanks to those who donated items for the very successful raffle: Ralph and Valerie Brown for their Lighthouse Afghan, Herald Redden for his beautiful Clock, and Garey Bent for his spiffy Vegitable Bin.

Many leaders donated their time to make this Fund-Raiser succeed. We are especially gratified by the support of our New Brunswick friends:

Nova Scotia New Brunswick
  • Lional & Janet Crowe
  • Beth & John Dickinson
  • Kerry Fletcher
  • Laurie & Wilma Illsley
  • Terry & Marsha Lewis
  • Ralph & Barb MacDonald
  • Alex & Kathleen Ritchie
  • Barry Walker
  • Dottie & Gary Welch
  • Chris Ayres & Edie Hoar
  • Ken & Fran Eagles
  • Terry Hebert & Mom Marg
  • Ron & Barb Lowe
  • Jim & Pat McLean
  • Gerry & Bev O'Hara
  • John & Barb Rathburn

The handsome Lighthouse Afghan is displayed by Federation Chairman Ralph Brown and Festival-07 Chairlady Dottie Welch during setup on Friday.

Yes, Jimmie, 300 tickets. I really want that Veggie Bin!

The round dancers show their moves. The classy wall panels were originally made by Marion Atkinson for the Valley Festival in 1989. Thanks to Clara and Harold Redden for supplying them.

...and a Left Allemande!

Hamming it up between tips.

The Frendship Ring sends us on our way home, happy and tired.

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