Square & Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia

(Fund Raiser for Halifax National Festival 2010)

The Old Orchard Inn, Greenwich

July 24th & 25th, 2009

Close to 200 dancers and leaders filled the "O-O" with fun and music, again donating proceeds to supporting next year's Canadian National.

Thanks to those who donated items for another successful raffle: Dianne Burns for her Paper Tole, Herald Redden for his beautiful quilt rack and clock, and Bob & Inge Rouhoniemi for submitting an emboidered table cloth. Those items, respectively, were taken home by Anne Brennan, Tommy Collins, Beth and John Dickinson, and Shirley Robinson. In addition, huge 50-50 draws were won by Lional Parsons on Friday Jim McLean on Saturday.

Many leaders from Nova Scotia, and again from New Brunswick, donated their time to make this weekend successful:

Nova Scotia New Brunswick
  • Lional & Janet Crowe
  • Beth & John Dickinson
  • Kerry Fletcher
  • Laurie & Wilma Illsley
  • Wayne & Linda Isles
  • Terry & Marsha Lewis
  • Ralph & Barb MacDonald
  • Gary & Joan MacNeil Jones
  • Lionel & Shannon Parsons
  • Dave & Blanche Paulen
  • Barry Walker
  • Dottie & Gary Welch
  • Terry Hebert
  • Ron & Barb Lowe
  • Jim & Pat McLean
  • John & Barb Rathburn

A Few Moments from Festival 2009
Mary's Islanders' vivacious interpretation of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" What you have to do to get your
Duck Badge
The Browns accept registrations for 2010. Having fun in the Round Dance Hall
The 2010 Presentation crew proudly wears the Nova Scotia Tartain. Illustrating our Acadian Heritage in dance
Enjoying the moment on the floor Beth and John Dickinson receive the Mayflower Award.

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