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DECEMBER    2002
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5 Oct 2002

  1. The Club representatives at the AGM approved a motion to change the Federation FESTIVAL Guidelines to read at Para 5: "Taking into account the facilities available, the FESTIVAL program should at least include square dancing at the Mainstream and Plus levels as well as Phase II to IV Rounds. If registration warrants and space and leaders allow, then some time for Easy mainstream and the higher levels should be considered."

  2. All Clubs in the province were invited to consider forwarding historical information (photos or written material) to the Federation Archivists. Photos of new Teachers are particularly requested.These will be mounted for display at Festivals or other major events. For information or guidance regarding suitable items, clubs are asked to contact: Glen & Betty Leck, 12 John Bell Road, Brookfield, NS B0N 1C0 or (902) 673-3333.

  3. NS dancers should note that the next National Society event will be the FESTIVAL 2004 in Calgary, July 29, 30, & 31, 2004. The 2006 event will be held in Montreal. FESTIVAL 2004 Registration forms are being distributed to all clubs.

  4. The Federation clubs decided that the monies previously allocated for expenses at the Provincial 50+ EXPO in the HRM shall be provided to the six Federation Regions to support Regional publicity/recruiting activities in 2003. Regions are invited to submit requests directly to the Presidents after more details are provided by the Board.

  5. Clubs were asked to provide complete information in their advertisements. They should include: contact name, phone number, & if available an Email address, date, time, location (with directions), price, dancing level, and standard of dress.

  6. The deadline for sending nominations for the MAYFLOWER award is 31 December 2002. The MAYFLOWER Award is an award of excellence in recognition of 20 years or more of outstanding contribution at the local, and/or regional, and/or provincial level. Nominations may be presented by a club or five or more square/round dance couples from anywhere in the province. Nominations must include the credentials of the candidate, which will be read at the presentation of the award. The number of awards is limited to two per year but it will not be mandatory to present two per year.

  7. Clubs, Callers, & Cuers were reminded to forward their Registrations to Alex Ritchie as soon as possible. Registration and Society membership ensures that dancers have liability insurance coverage as described in the March 2002 Between Tips.

  8. The 2003 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, 4 October, at a location to be decided.


           On October 26 at the Anniversary Dance of the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus, Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi, Presidents of the Federation, presented certificates and congratulations to the following:

    1. Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus, forty active years as a Square Dance Club
    2. Harris & Thelma Huntley, 39 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    3. Esther Chute, 38 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    4. Evelyn Shaw, 31 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    5. Lawrence Ernest, 29 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    6. Edward & Betty Chiasson, 29 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    7. Cordell & Edna Levy, 26 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    8. George & Pearl Wotton, 20 years of continuous dancing with the Berwick Belles 'N' Beaus
    9. Wilfred (& Goldie) Burns, retiring after 32 years as a notable Caller in the Valley

    The Margaree Fall Classic

           The Margaree Fall Classic dance was again held on October 18-19th in the North Highlands Education Complex in TerreNoir / Belle Cote just a short promenade north from Margaree Harbour.
           The weekend event was sponsored by the Margaree Country Swingers club and was attended by 66 couples with music and calling provided by Kerry Fletcher, Pat Alguire, Vickey Elliott, Wayne Isles, and Dave Paulen. Rounds were cued by Wendell Carrol.
           Nature decorated the countryside with the usual splendor and the weather, although reminding us of fall, did not bring snow as has happened in the past, but made us appreciate the warmth and friendship of the dance floor.
           In keeping with the tradition of the last number of years, when the event was called "The Jim Alguire Memorial Dance", a donation of $500 was turned over to the directors of that fund. The dance closed with the traditional "Hot Mike" session with all the callers followed by a lunch topped with cake and ice cream.
           The members of the Margaree Country Swingers wish to thank those whose attendance assisted in this worthy effort and look forward to seeing friends old and new next year in the same location. Book your rooms early so you won't be disappointed.
           Until next time we meet on the dance floor....
                      Jack and Bea Tilsley


    Group airfare to Calgary. Return when you choose.


    Want more information? Contact: Dot and Ron Connell 434-3023

    NOTICE - Square Dance Trailer Registration Change

    Applications for use ot the Federation Trailer should be sent to:

    Bill Oldford
    5 Maple Avenue
    Kingston, NS     BOP 1R0        Telephone 9O2-765-6333

    Applications may be by phone, but must be followed by a written request. Information required is the date of the parade, the contact person and sponsoring club, and the proposed storage location of the trailer.


    1. At the open house, the caller called "yellow rock" and we were expected to hug a stranger that we've never met before.
    2. Some clubs don't admit singles. As a single, I wouldn't regard this as very friendly to single visitors. We were told we could dance anywhere.
    3. After 47 years of marriage, we have never even held hands with anyone else. When we were asked to try dancing, we were separated and partnered with a complete stranger.
    4. The fees are reasonable, but the real expense is the clothes we were expected to wear.
    5. The graduation certificate is really an attendance certificate. I didn't feel any sense of accomplishment.
    6. We can't afford baby sitting fees, which are much more than the cost of the dance.
    7. On graduation, we discovered that one was expected to advance to higher levels. To remain at this level gave one a feeling of inferiority. We were told it was all just for fun.
    8. I tend to measure quality with price. This appears to be a low quality organization.
    9. At a mall demonstration, we were asked to dance in public, when we knew nothing about it. Were we glad when that was over!
    10. The public perception of Square Dancing is that it's old fashioned.
    11. No drinking before or during square dancing! This is not very sociable.
    12. Clubs consist of mainly old people.
    13. The first class was too long. Now they want us to take further classes to "higher" levels.
    14. The "open house" was too tiring. I could never keep up in my shape.
    15. I've got too many things to do now.

    (The above notes are from a seminar at Convention 2002 and numerous articles in square dance magazines)
    Compiled and submitted by Ron and Dot Connell.

    Nova Scotia Square & Round Dance Clubs
    and your
    Federation Executive and Committee Chairs

    NOTE: The rest of this December issue of 'Between Tips' consisted of a full listing of the Square and Round Clubs in Nova Scotia, giving the details of regular dance times and callers.
    It also listed the current members of the Executive and Committee Chairs.
    This information may be obtained at the Club page for each club, or at Executive page.

    To all have a Very Merry Holiday Season
    and a
    Happy, Healthy, & Full of Dancing New Year.

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