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MAY    2003
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          On 19 March 2003, the Scotia Dancers Club held their 35th Anniversary and Pat Alguire's 30th Year of Calling CelebrationDance at C.P. Allen High School in Bedford. Edna Myers, assisted by Rose Caborn, presented Pat Alguire with a corsage, on behalfof the Club, before the dancing officially started. The Callers & Cuer who volunteered their time and talents to call and cue at thedance and honour Pat Alguire in her achievement are as shown left to right:
scotia35call.gifMark Savage, Dotty Welch, Pat Alguire, Barry Bendle, Pat Matheson, Harry Lofgren, AlexRitchie, and Bruce Savage. On behalf of Pat Alguireand our Club, thank all of you very much!!

          There were over 100 Guests and 42 ScotiaDancer members who attended the dance. Pat Alguire,our own songbird Caller, had a rest that night as ourGuest Callers & Cuer handled the tips and cues. Therewere 16 squares on the floor as the dancing started. Thedancers were kept active as noted by the many visits tothe punch bowl. Old friendships were reinforced andnew friendships made as conversation ebbed andflowed in the dance breaks. Pat Alguire called the lonePlus tip and belted out the Friendship Ring to close thedance.

          Honoured Guests at our dance were: MrsMildred Carmichael, wife of the original Scotia DancersCaller, Vern (deceased); Mrs Mert Sellars, wife of theScotia Dancers original president, Norm (deceased); Bill Cullen, an early member of our Club, who escorted Mert Sellars; RoseCaborn, wife of a former president in 83-84, Elmer (deceased). Don & Carol Scott, Presidents of Scotia Dancers, received the 35thAnniversary Certificate and congratulations, on behalf of Scotia Dancers, from Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi, Presidents of the Square &Round Dance Federation of NS. Mrs Edna Myers and Wes Pettis, of Scotia Dancers, had been given their 30 year bars by our Club. They were congratulated and presented with 30 year Certificates by Bob & Inge, on behalf of the NS Federation. Ten yearmembership bars from Scotia Dancers were given to Bob & Inge and belatedly to Laurie & Joan Majalahti with congratulations.

          Wes Pettis, on behalf of our Club, presented a gift to PatAlguire and made a speech thanking Pat for her contribution to SquareDancing and our Club. Bob & Inge, on behalf of the NS Federation,congratulated Pat A. and presented her with a Federation Certificatedenoting her 30 Years of Calling. Pat Alguire was congratulated andreceived a Metro Certificate for her 30 Years of Calling from Pauline &Junior Arsenault, Presidents of Metro Council. Harry Lofgren wascongratulated and presented with a Retirement Certificate for his 12years of Calling, from Bob & Inge, Presidents of the Square & RoundDance Federation of NS.scotia35cake.gif

          Pat Alguire, Edna Myers, and Wes Pettis combined to cut thelarge Anniversary & Celebration cake before the large crowd of dancerswere asked to partake of the food. Tables were put out, the chatter diedfor a few minutes while everyone ate, then the volume rose again as allseemed to talk at once. Pat Alguire was beaming as she tried to talk toher many friends in the crowd. Everyone appeared to enjoy the event;as they were wished good night at the door, they remarked they had agreat time.

From CWDIA Web Site – Feb. 3, 2003
Excerpts from an agreement between
S O C A N and C W D I A

Regarding Tariff 19:
It has been agreed that callers, cuers and clubs share a joint responsibility to ensure that each performance islicensed. This can be achieved either by ensuring that only licensed callers are employed, or that the club obtainsits own licence.

Regarding Tariff 8:
There are some events that are clearly classes or regular dances, and other events that are clearly special dances orparties. The problem SOCAN and CWDIA has been wrestling with is where to draw the line between the two.Discussions focused on creating some criteria that we could all agree upon that would specify what was a Tariff 8dance, and what was a regular Tariff 19 class and teaching situation. In some cases, we have agreed that veryunusual events should be dealt with one by one to ensure fairness. In others, SOCAN has agreed to rely upon thegood faith of each club or association.

The following points have been agreed upon -
  1. A special dance is one where tickets are sold, advertising is distributed, non-club members are invited, is notin place of or related to a regular club dance (i.e. not on or in place of a regular club night or at a normal clublocation) and/or a major association, provincial or national event. Multi-day events should be raised withSOCAN directly.
  2. Club theme dances, (such as Hallowe’en, Christmas, Wind Up, etc.) are not special dances if held on or inplace of a regular night for club members.
  3. Where clubs join together on a night because they dance on the same night, or one caller is sick, or a hall isnot available - this would not be considered a special dance.
  4. a) Husband and wife who work together on the same evening, in the same hall need only one Tariff 19licence. However, if they instruct individually, in different halls or on different evenings then they each needa licence.
    b) Guest callers calling for a full evening must have a Tariff 19 licence.
  5. Where a square dance instructor and a round dance instructor are hired under separate contracts for theevening then they both need a Tariff 19 licence.
  6. A licensed instructor who is teaching or encouraging a person to learn the art of instructing may include thestudent in the programme on an occasional basis and that student does not need a licence until such time asthe student is instructing a full evening on his own.
  7. Promotional dances in public buildings to promote square dancing are covered under Tariff 19.
  8. No licence is required to perform in Seniors homes or nursing homes.
  9. No additional licence is required to perform in parades - the organizer of the parade should have a Tariff 10licence.
  10. No additional licence is required for events sponsored by city recreational centres as these are licensed under Tariff 21.
  11. Demonstrations at exhibitions are the responsibility of the operators and are covered under Tariff 5.
  12. In areas where regular callers are not available, and tape or record instruction is used, the club may obtain aTariff 19 licence.
  13. Under normal circumstances, a licence is not needed for dancing in your own home.
  14. Workshops at a normally scheduled Association Meeting do not need a Tariff 8 licence if the instructor islicensed under Tariff 19 (providing it excludes events to which Item 1 applies).
  15. A regular dance, in the regular hall, that has an afternoon workshop and it continues into the evening with areview of the workshop material is not a special dance (no tickets sold).

NOTE: While we understand there have been staff changes at SOCAN from the time the above was discussed and theabove points agreed on, it would appear that the 15 points simply clarify where the application of Tariffs apply or not.
(John Sellers March 13, 2003)

Joint News Release

March 14, 2003

Square and Round Dancing and Proposed SOCAN Royalties for 2003

The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS) and Canadian Western Dance Instructors Association (CWDIA)wish to advise the dance community of the proposed applicable Tariffs for the use and performance of the works inSOCAN’s repertoire for 2003 and a number of changes in these Tariffs. It should be noted that until the 2003 Tariffs areCertified by the Copyright Board, the previously approved Tariffs continue to apply.

Roy & Joan Church, President Couple of the CSRDS and Tim Crawford, President of the CWDIA jointly issue thisrelease in an effort to advise the square and round dance community and its callers and leaders of the new and revisedroyalties that are expected to be put in place for 2003. There are a number of changes that impact the activity.

A copy of the wording of the proposed applicable 2003 Tariffs (# 8, 19 and 21) is included below.

Tariff # 19: the CWDIA has and will continue to work with SOCAN on the continuation of the (Letter of) Agreement forthe Callers and Leaders. Tim Crawford says, "We have a good relationship with SOCAN and we desire this to continue. Callers and Leaders have recently received invoices for their licence for 2003." Mr. Crawford encourages all callers andleaders to obtain the required annual licence. The Society endorses this approach.

Tariff #8 specifies that "the operator of the premises shall pay for each event at such reception, convention or assemblyor for each day on which such fashion show (event) is held, ... (the required fee)." This says the operator (or owner) ofthe premises has the legal and only specified responsibility for the payment of the fee and obtaining of the licence. If theoperator of the premises requires our activity users of the premises to pay these fees, as part of the rental contract, theyshould pay what is asked - no more and no less. If National and other Conventions are required to pay more than in thepast, so be it. It can be planned for in the fees. We should not treat it as a hated tax.

New in the proposed Tariff #21 for Recreational Facilities operated by a Municipality, School, College, University,Agricultural Society or similar community organization (as of Jan. 1, 2003) is a revision to reflect that they are notrequired to pay under Tariff #8 or 19 (+ some others). We understand callers, leaders and organizations using thesefacilities are therefore covered by the Recreational Facility's licence.
The specific wording of that part of Tariff #21 is:
"A municipality, school, college, university, agricultural society or similar community organization paying under this tariff is not required to payunder Tariff Nos. 5.A, 7, 8, 9, 11.A, or 19 for the events covered in this tariff."
As more dance activities are moving to and being held in such facilities, it is important that the callers, leaders andorganizations of the square and round dance activity should be made aware of this change.

The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (CSRDS) and Canadian Western Dance Instructors Association (CWDIA)will continue to monitor and advise the dance community of these and other changes that could impact Clubs, variousOrganizations and Callers, Leaders.

Square and Round Dancing and
Proposed SOCAN Royalties for the Public Performance of Music for the Year 2003

The following are the Tariffs proposed for 2003 by the Copyright Board & published in the Canada Gazette May 11, 2002

Tariff No. 19

     For a licence to perform, at any time and as often as desired in 2003, any or all of the works in SOCAN’s repertoire, inconjunction with physical exercises (for example, dancercize, aerobics, body building and similar activities) and dance instruction,the annual fee for each room where the performances take place is the average number of participants per week per room used duringthe year multiplied by $2.31, with a minimum annual fee of $69.22.

NOTE: Rate for 1998 to 2002 was $2.14 and minimum of $64.00 Plus GST.

     Payment of this fee shall be made on or before January 3 1, 2003, accompanied by a report of the estimated average number ofparticipants per week per room used during 2003.
     On or before January 31, 2004, a report signed by an authorized representative, shall be submitted to SOCAN indicating the actualaverage number of participants per week per room used during 2003. Any additional fees due on the basis of the report shall be paid toSOCAN. If the fee due is less than the amount paid in advance, the licensee shall be credited with the amount of such overpayment.
     SOCAN shall have the right to audit the licensee's books and records, on reasonable notice and during normal business hours, toverify the statements rendered and the fee payable by the licensee.

Tariff No. 8
     For an annual licence to perform, at any time and as often as desired in the year 2003, any or all of the works in SOCAN'srepertoire, at receptions, conventions, assemblies and fashion shows, where the performances have not been contracted for by alicensee of SOCAN, the operator of the premises shall pay for each event at such reception, convention or assembly or for each day onwhich such fashion show is held, as follows:

Fee Per Event

Room Capacity
over 500

Without Dancing
$ 28.75
$ 57.55
$ 88.75
$ 108.90

With Dancing
$ 45.00
$ 93.00
$ 138.90
$ 170.00

   NOTE: Rate for 1998 to 2002 was $28.75 (without dancing) & $57.55 (with dancing) & no breakdown by room capacity. Theword annual has been added. Plus GST.
     No later than 30 days after the end of each quarter, the operator of the premises shall file with SOCAN a report for that quarter ofthe actual number of events with and without dancing and of the number of days on which a fashion show is held. The report shall alsoinclude the room capacity (seating and standing) authorized under the establishment's liquor licence or any other document issued by acompetent authority for this type of establishment, and payment of the licence fees. (NEW Section in 2003)
     SOCAN shall have the right to audit the licensee's books and records, on reasonable notice and during normal business hours, toverify the statements rendered and the fee payable by the licensee.

Tariff No. 21

     For a licence to perform, at any time and as often as desired in 2003, any or all of the works in SOCAN's repertoire, in arecreational facility operated by a municipality, school, college, university, agricultural society or similar community organizations,during recreational activities that would otherwise be subject to Tariff 5.A (exhibitions and fairs), Tariff 7 (skating finks), Tariff 8(receptions, conventions, assemblies and fashion shows), Tariff 9 (sports events, including amateur rodeos), Tariff 11.(circuses, iceshows, etc.) and Tariff 19 (fitness activities and dance instruction), the annual fee shall be $180.00 for each facility, if the licensee'sgross revenue from these events during the year does not exceed $12,500.
     Payment of this fee shall be made on or before Jan 31, 2003. On or before January 31, 2004, a report shall be submitted to SOCANconfirming that the licensee's gross revenue from the events covered by this tariff do not exceed $12,500.
     This tariff does not cover the use of music expressly covered in tariffs other than Tariffs Nos. 5.A, 7, 8, 9, 11.A or 19.   A municipality, school, college, university, agricultural society or similar community organization paying under this tariff is not requiredto pay under Tariff Nos. 5.A, 7, 8, 9, 11.A or 19, for the events covered in this tariff.
     SOCAN shall have the right to audit the licensee's books and records, on reasonable notice and during normal business hours, toverify the statements rendered and the fee payable by the licensee.

NOTE: Information about changes for 2003 is in coloured italics

The Tariffs for 2003 are still proposals at this time (March 13, 2003) and not approved as yet. These will be considered by theCopyright Board as part of their Hearings. The deadline for filing of objections was July 10, 2002.

The Copyright Board has advised the following Objections have been filed to Tariffs # 8, 19 and 21:
            #8 Township of West Gray & Norman By Recreation Committee
            #19 Canadian Dance Teachers Association
            #21 A total of 8 objections were received from groups, including 6-7 Recreational Facilities and 2-1 others
Dates for hearing these objections have not been established as yet.

Copyright Board website:
This site includes information on:<
Until the 2003 Tariffs are Certified by the Copyright Board, the Tariffs for previously certified tariffs for 1998-2002 continue to apply.
SOCAN website

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News Release
April 1, 2003

President's Message - Roy & Joan Church, CSRDS
President Couple

Greetings to all dancers, Callers and Leaders as we completeanother year of dancing.

We extend a special welcome to new dancers as they join thefriendship and fun of the activity. May the years ahead be full ofthe many joys in various aspects of square and round dancing.

The challenge for continued promotion and recruiting willcontinue - plan now for the 2003 new dancers this coming fall.

Do not hesitate to bring your concerns to the Board by way ofyour Director.

Squarely yours, Joan & Roy Church


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Society Board Update

The Society Board of Directors met March 9th, 2003 by telephone.
The items discussed included:

The Revised By-laws and new Head Office location approved atthe July 2002 AGM were approved by Industry Canada onDecember 18, 2002 with the exception of the amendment regardingthe appointment of Alternate Directors. Section 4.1a) was deleted,as the requirements of Industry Canada do not permit By-Laws toinclude the appointment of Alternate Directors. The Board decidedthat in circumstances where Directors are unable to attend a Boardof Directors meeting and in the interests of having representativespresent, the provincial or territorial federation, or such other areasas decided by the Board, will be asked if they wish to send inviteddelegates to that meeting. Such delegates would be able to speak atthe meeting but would not be allowed to vote on any motion.

The Board approved the membership fee for 2004 at $1.00 permember. This increase from $0.75 is required as a result of:
. increasing insurance cost (now over 75 cents per member);
. other operating and promotional costs;
. decreasing membership numbers (increases cost per member); and
. decreasing investment revenues.
This will be presented in the 2004 Regulations for ratification at theOctober 2003 AGM.

nat-logo-r-corners.gifThe CSRDS PR Committee has proposed an activeprogram, and can play a useful role. Society pinsmake a great presentation to new dancers atgraduation. Consider ordering these for your Club'sSpring 2003 graduations. The Society PR Committee met March23, 2003. It supported the 1-880 number implementation andagreed to place an ad in the National Square Dance Directory.

Clubs and Associations are reminded that the Society offers aBursaries and Leadership Grant for caller/ leader trainingcourses. Those attending such courses/ workshops should beencouraged to apply. Various Federations and some Associationsalso offer similar assistance for training. Let's use this funding!

Nominations for the Society's Award of Excellence and LongService Award are encouraged as a means of recognizing serviceto the activity by Canadian dancers, callers & leaders. Check theSociety web site for details. Nominations can be made at any timeand are to be forwarded to Society Director Martin Mallard inSaskatchewan. A copy of the revised Nomination Form and theAward criteria are available on the website and from Directors. TheBoard has decided that Award Nominations are to be received byFebruary 28th each year for presentation in Convention years (evenyears) and presentation during September to August in non-convention years.

The Society and Canadian Western Dance InstructorsAssociation (CWDIA) jointly issued a News Release in March2003 outlining the proposed new SOCAN Tariffs for 2003 and theimplications for the activity.

Copies and summaries of Board and AGM meeting minutesand/or reports are available on the Society website. A hard copy ofthese minutes may be obtained (at a cost) from the SocietySecretary. See the website for details.

The Board approved the implementation of a 1-800 phone numberfor Square Dance Canada / Round Dance Canada. This willenable people in Canada to contact the Society and ask about plannednew dancer classes, obtaining more information on the activity, etc. The Society encourages all Federations, Associations and Clubsto publicize this number as part of their advertising, newsarticles along with their local phone number and websiteinformation. This number is 1-866-206-6696

The next Society Board of Directors meeting will be held inCalgary on October 10 & 11th, 2003. The AGM will be held inCalgary at 9 a.m. Sat. October 11th, 2003.


Ask The Caller

This is an opportunity for YOU to ask "Caller' related questions thatyou might like to see answered. Although the first person youshould address your question to is your own Club Caller, if youhaven't had the time or opportunity, then you can send yourquestions to:   All questionswill be answered and those that would be of interest to all will bepublished in the column, with anonymity ensured unless yourequest otherwise. This was recently initiated in the EasternOntario S&RD Assoc. publication, Square Time and with theircooperation, this has now been added to the Canadian Society site –look under Dancer News pages for 'Ask The Caller'. Both Squareand Round dance questions are being received.

1-866-206-6696 - New 1-800 # for Square & Round Dancing Activity Across Canada

    This will:
  • Provide a telephone contact for those interested in learning more about the activity in and across Canada;
  • Streamline and eliminate the need and cost for multiple 1-800 numbers for each province or area;
  • Assist those interested in learning more about the activity and/or starting to dance to be able to get information on the locationof clubs with new dancer classes, when and answer questions about the activity;
  • Assist visiting dancers to find locations for dancing;
  • Complement website information of the Society, Federations, Associations and Clubs;
  • Add profile to the activity;
  • Enable Federations and Associations to list and advertise 'Square/Round Dancing' in the Yellow Pages of their important areas(at their cost) and where they decide it is warranted; and
  • Complement public service advertising (present and proposed new) on radio and TV (having these ads without effective meansof contact by listeners would not be productive) and complement the present Society website with a phone contact.
  • 1-800 numbers are listed for no cost in 1-800 listings and on Bell 1-800 website.

Publicity and Implementation:
There will be an ongoing need at all levels (Society, Federation, Association and especially at the local Club level) to publicize theavailability of the 1-866-206-6696 number on brochures, demos and other events, activity web sites, Chambers of Commerce, MunicipalOffices, etc. along with their local phone number and website information. People can only call if they know the number. Publicizefor maximum effectiveness for Fall 2003 recruitment! Check the Society website at or call Square DanceCanada at 1-866-206-6696 for information on new dancer classes and more information on the activity.
Calls received will be forwarded to the provincial contacts for their action and response to the individual calls.

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