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JUNE    2003
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Strathmor Strutters Winter Weekend

        On Feb 7 & 8 the Strathmor Strutters hosted the second Winter Weekend to raise funds for Festival '03.We had a very successful weekend with 26 couples in attendance. Friday, blew in with a storm all around theprovince, but not too much in the Truro area. Dancers arrived on time for the Friday nights Plus dancing, fromas far away as Cape Breton and the Valley, with a good number supporting the Festival from the Metro Area.We finished up Friday nights dancing with a lunch and off to homes, motels, etc. for the night; for an earlymorning wake up call for breakfast at Bob's Hall.

        After juice, porridge, pancakes and sausages, toast and tea or coffee, we danced until dinner time.Lunch was baked beans, sweet and sour sausages, brown bread and gingerbread with whipped cream; followedby a short entertainment by 2 youngsters on fiddles and singing. We may soon see them at the ECMA awards.

        After bundling up good and warm we alldrove up the road a couple of miles to a small farmand went on an old fashioned sleigh ride; over thefields and through the woods and back to theirfarm for hot chocolate and do-nuts.

        The remainder of the afternoon was spenton their own, to go shopping or just to rest up forthe evenings dancing. Throughout the weekend allwere trying to raise money to have Phyllis's headshaved and Tony's moustache and beard shaved.After the evenings dancing, lunch and after party,the clippers appeared and the dancers hadcontributed $174.00 to see Phyllis have her headshaved, bald. And $65.00 to shave Tony. A lot oflaughing, dancing, eating, and just a plain goodtime was seemed to have been held by all andhoping we will have it again next year.

        The Strathmor Strutters and the Festival '03 Committee would like to thank all who attended and thosewho helped with the lunches, a successful dance, as with anything, is only as successful as to what you put intoit. All the dancers and helpers contributed greatly to the successful Winter Weekend '03. Thanks to all.
        Submited by Phyllis Fiddes.

For A Dancing Spree in 2003 attend Festival 2003 in Truro, NS
August 1st & 2nd


The following awards are to be presented to Federation members by the President or his/her designate at theANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) or other suitable dance function.


  1. MAYFLOWER AWARD - An award of excellence in recognition of 20 years or more of outstandingcontribution at the local, and/or regional, and/or provincial level. Nominations may be presented by aclub or five or more square/round dance couples from anywhere in the province. Nominations mustinclude the credentials of the candidate, which will be read at the presentation of the award. Deadline forsubmission is March 30th of the year in which the award is to be presented. The number of awards islimited to two per year, but it will not be mandatory to present two per year. The Award Committeewill present the names of candidates to the Executive for its approval.

  2. Active callers/cuers to be recognized for 20 years of service and every 5 years thereafter.


  1. CLUBS - Certificates of 20 years of continuous dancing and every 5 years thereafter.

  2. DANCER - Individual recognition of 20 years of continuous dancing.

You may noticed that already this year a number of certificates have beenissued to Callers, Clubs, and individuals. At the upcoming Festival 2003two Mayflower Awards will be presented.

Clubs, Dancers, Callers, & Cuers send your nominations for any of theabove awards to the
            Laurence & Alice Harrison
            41 Clifford Street
            Amherst, NS B4H 2G3
            Tel/Fax (902)667-2021


            Over ten squares of dancers enjoyed a great dance and after feast at thePlymouth Fire Hall this past Saturday, May 24th.The callers were Ralph MacDonald, Hilton MacIntosh, Murray Workman, Ed Giles,Bob Fiddes, and Jack MacArthur. The cuers were Kitty Giles, Beth Dickinson,and Alex Ritchie. And although Willie and Dougall didn't call or cue theirstupidity was excellent entertainment.

            A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the "John Essex Awardfor Excellence in Teaching Dance" to Jack MacArthur. The citation for thisaward was given by Dianne Milligan, Executive Director ofDance Nova Scotia and John Essex made the presentation.


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