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DECEMBER    2004    --    NUMBER 120
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Cherry Carnival Kick-Off Dance

         On Friday 09 July 2004 the Club of FourSeason Squares hosted the Fourth Annual SquareDance to Kick-Off The Bear River Cherry Carnival.
         This was held at the Bear River Fire Hall andthe Guest Caller for the evening was Red Bates, fromMaine. Red was accompanied to Nova Scotia by hiswife, Ginny. Cuer, Beth Dickinson, from Amherst,provided the Rounds and she was accompanied byher husband, John. Rose corsages were presented toboth Ginny and Beth before the start of the dance.
         There were fourteen squares in attendance anda number of spectators. Dancers came from manyparts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as well asBert/Shirley MacKenna, from Florida, attended.Half-way through the evening a number of "Cherry"related prizes were drawn. Erma Black, from NewBrunswick, received the prize for the "Out ofProvince Dancer."
         Before serving the lunch a blessing was givenby Club Member, Bill Troupe. The evening concluded at 10:30 PM with the Friendship Ring. Everyone thensocialized and enjoyed a bountiful lunch which ended with "Cherry Pie" and "Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream."

Plans for a Fifth Kick-Off Dance are in the works for Friday 15 July 2005. Please check your Calendar ofEvents for details as they become available.

Have some ideas - suggestions?
For discussion at an upcoming seminar?
Then contact either Dottie Welch 435-4544
or Bob Ruohoniemi 757-3884

What's wrong with the Metro Association , or the Federation ?

         There are a number of things that are wrong with these organizations but the main problem is a lack ofparticipation by the members of the member clubs. You only get out what you put in.

Why are clubs disbanding or folding ?
         Lack of people working to keep it going, if you do not work to keep it going you are just as responsible forletting it die as if you promoted it's demise.
         All clubs need people to work at all levels even if is only to help set up the dance floor or to assist the caller setup their equipment. It appears we take no pride in the fact that we are Square or Round dancers. After you havegraduated from your class your learning has just started and the fun is just beginning.

You only get out what you put in !!
         I keep harping on this for the simple reason that people no not look at it this way. They think that they can donothing and things will just go on as it has been in the past. WRONG WRONG WRONGIf you do nothing just who is going to do it. Someone else? Well, maybe they are losing interest through lack ofsupported in doing it as you are, so get off your rear and do something.
         If you do nothing then say nothing about the shape your club, your association , your federation and yourcouncil are in. If you do nothing then you get out exactly what you put in to it and deserve exactly what you aregetting.
         If we work together we can turn this around but do nothing and you will see it all end . We need new dancers to surviveand we need to work at all levels in order to maintain and to improve what we have.
         Get out to other clubs, get out to other callers, get out to meet more people.You will find that they are just as much fun to dance with as your own club and you get something that you do not getby staying at home, you meet more people that are just as interested in this activity as you are. YOU ONLY GETOUT WHAT YOU PUT IN so put something in and you will be amazed at what will come out. Remember dividedwe fall united we prosper.

         I will give you a hint as to how we can change the trend we now have at all levels of square and round dancing, it's twosimple words, GET INVOLVED! It's your turn.
                           Submitted by Don Scott


Fundy Squares, dancing at the Wilmot Community Centre, Annapolis County, on Wednesdaynights, is pleased to announce that Tommy Collins will be the regular caller for the Club. Weare proud to have Tommy as our caller and look forward to a fun dancing season. Of course,visitors are always welcome to come and enjoy dancing with Tommy and the Fundy Squares.
                           Wanda Cole, Secretary, Fundy Squares


       The Dice Hill Squares held their first-ever Halloween danceat the Ardoise Hall on Thursday, 28 November.
       Four squares of mixed goblins and dancers in traditional dressenjoyed a great time responding to the expert calling of BruceSavage. The enthusiam of the New Dancers (Graduating inJanuary 05) was contagious, as there were a big number ofwell-costumed clowns, pirates, witches, and other assorteddancers!
       Winners of the fabulous costume prize were Mickey and Minny Mouse (aka Bob & Maxine Ross - Grads of 05). Theclub has set a very high standard for future Halloweens!


Dancer Longevity Awards presented to
Dancers of
Metro Merry Makers / Ocean Waves

Frank & Janet Geitzler - 33 years
Ken & Jewel Spence - 33 years
Bob & Mary Cooke - 33 years
Graham & Sue Skerrett - 29 years
Don & Shirley Bellefontaine - 27 years
Harold & Edie Young - 25 years
Laurie & Georgina Naugler -24 years
Allison & Esther LeBlanc - 21 years

Dancer Longevity Awards presented to
Dancers of
Fun Squares

Merle & Audrey Crawford - 35 years
Mark & Jackie Savage - 34 years
Ray Goyetche - 25 years
Bruce Savage - 24 years

      Callers Service Award presented to:
1.       Mark Savage - 30 years
2.       Wade Savage - 28 years
3.       Kerry Fletcher - 28 years
4.       Bruce Savage - 20 years


The following Nova Scotia Square and Round Dance Clubsmarked with an asterisk are registered (as of Nov. 26, 2004) with the Federation and the Canadian Square & RoundDance Society for the year 2005 and as such have the Society's Liability Insurance.Does your Club have an asterisk? If not then send in your registration form.

Admiral Dancers
Apple Valley Dancers *
Berwick Belles 'N Beaus *
Danseurs Acadiens *
Four Season Squares *
Fundy Squares *
Rainbow Dancers *
Riverview Dancers *
Valley Rounders *
Valley Squares *
West Kings Twirlers *
Young Country Dancers *

Highland Squares *
Mapleleaf Wirlaways *

Coordinators Plus *
Dancing Shadows *
Dice Hill Squares *
Fun Time Rounds *
Fun Squares
Golden Squares & Rounds *
In The Pink Dancers *
Lake City Swingers *
Metro Merry Makers / Ocean Waves
Motivators *
Rag Rounds *
Sail Sets *
Scotia Dancers
Stardusters *
Timberlea Twirlers *

Cobequid Twirlers
Cumberland Twirlers *
NB-NS Border Rounders *
Strathmor Strutters *

Bluenose Twirlers *
Double Dory Dancers
LaHave River Ramblers *
Sunrise Squares

Celtic Round Dancers *
Margaree Country Swingers *
Town & Country Dancers *

RV's at various campsites - Bluenose RV Squares *


       Scotia Dancers enjoyed a fun time at two specialdances in October and November. The first was thetraditional Halloween dance with an assortment ofcostumes in evidence.
       Members and a large number of guests enjoyed tipscalled by club-caller Pat Matheson as well as thoseprovided by Pat Alquire and Barry Bendle. Everyoneenjoyed their excellent calling and the fun thateveryone has come to expect with a visit to the ScotiaDancers. The evening rapped up with a good lunch anda time for socializing.
       The club held a special dance on Wednesday, 17November when a half dozen "Goofers" took a turn atthe microphone. There were a lot of laughs as amateurs tried to sound like well-trained callers.It was the consensus of all dancers that Padre Michael Mitchell had the best singing voice in that group!
       Not only was it a Goofers night, but the clubdesignated the dance as a Pyjama party! Themajority of members and guests wore theirvery best PJ's and shared a hilarious evening.The spot dance prizes went to Ron & DotConnell, Fun Squares and Bevan & LindaMcGarry, (Scotia Dancer Class of 05).
       It was appropriate that the lunch that nightwas "take-out" Pizza!In the picture on the left are Linda McGarry(Class of 05) (left) and Edna Myers (The clubmember with the most years of membership).

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