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MAY    2007    --    NUMBER 137
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Editor's Comments:
         This edition of BT has information from your Federation, 50+EXPO, FESTIVAL 07,clubs, & some history.If there is sufficient material, a June BT will be published. Deadlines: 15 May and 15 August



The Spring meeting of the Federation Board was held in Bridgewater on 21 April. The main business items were:


        The Federation has rented a booth at the annual Halifax 50+EXPO being held on 8 & 9 June at the ExhibitionGrounds. There is an opportunity to showcase our activity to thousands of attendees. The program guide will list Square Demos at 10am., 12, 1, 2, & 4pm. each day. Volunteer dancers are needed for these demos. They will be atan easy dance level, so all can enjoy themselves. Admission is free to dancers in traditional dress. To volunteer to join this event, contact Bob Ruohoniemi, (902)757-3884
If your club accepts new dancers, please send your Fall start dates & contact information now to Bob Ruohoniemi sohandouts can be printed.


        This fund-raiser for Halifax National Festival 2010 will soon be here! Readers should mark their calendars for July 20 & 21, 2007. Festival 2007 will take place at Cole Harbour Place, Dartmouth with tile floors & full air-conditioning! Callers & Cuers from ANSSRDT & MCCA will provide Basic, Mainstream, Plus, & Rounds.It's hoped to have "special" entertainment and some "extra" features at this event.



56 National Square Dance Convention 27-30 June 07 - Charlotte, NC

38th Thunder Bay Sq. & Round Dance Festival 5-7 July 07 - Thunder Bay, ON

NS Federation FESTIVAL 2007, 20-21 July - Cole Harbour Place, Dartmouth, NS

Harvest Ball 2007, 28-30 Sep. - Ottawa, ON

38th Maritime Square & Round Dance Convention 9-10 Nov. 07 - Wolfville, NS


News from Sunrise Squares
        Sunrise Squares dance Friday nights 8-10pm. at theMARC in Dayspring Lun. Co., Neil Dorey 644-2757
        Well here it is May already and Christmas and New Yearsare a memory. Sunrise Squares dancers are still talking aboutour New Years day Frolic at he Bridgewater fire Hall. Westarted with a delicious potluck supper, then followed byentertainment and dancing.
        We were entertained by talented members of our club,some of these members were Irving and Geraldine Ramey,with Irving playing the fiddle, and Geraldine accompanyingon the keyboard. The Ukulele Players, and Jack MacNeil andthe True Tones, also Valerie and Ralph Brown, with Ralph playing the accordion, and Valerie on keyboard. Theevening closed with Neil leading us in the Friendship song.
        Congratulations to Earl & Goldie Fancey on their 50th wedding anniversary. Valerie and Ralph Brown, Presidentsof the Federation, presented them with a certificate on behalf of the Canadian Society.
        Until next time, Good Squares and Happy dancing! Written by Hazel Hebb/Club Historian.

Jack MacNeil, Lorraine Wambolt, & Valerie Brown
of the True Tones

Federation Presidents Ralph & Valerie Brown

        Sunrise Squares held the Honolulu Hoedown on March 23, 07, with good dancing, a lovely lunch (we could munch all evening), and colourful dancing attire added to the fun.Neil & Kathy Dorey decorated the hall with wall hangings,plants, and soft lighting to give a good feeling atmosphere to dance to. The dancers appreciated their work.
        The highlight of the evening was Bob Ruohoniemi presenting dancers Janet and Delmer Ritcey &Delta and Lorraine Wambolt with 50th wedding anniversary certificates from the Canadian Society.--- Congratulations!!! The evening closed with the Friendship song led by Caller Neil Dorey.
        Sunrise Squares closingdance will be May 11, 07 at the MARC, in Dayspring. Not May 18th as advertised.

Janet & Delmer Ritchey, Bob Ruohoniemi, Delta & Lorraine Wambolt


News from Berwick Belles and Beaus

        The Berwick Belles and Beaus held a special surprise Birthday celebration on 12 April at the Berwick RecreationCentre. The occasion was organized to honour the senior member of the club on her 94th birthday!
        Family and friends joined in the party with a special cake, singing, and Esther's favourite activity - Square Dancing!
        The evening also marked the 45th year of dancing for Esther. She has been a member of the Berwick Belles and Beaus for 44 years. The Club will be marking their 45th Anniversary this Fall with a special dance.
        Esther received many expressions of warm good wishes on this special occasion as well as a certificate from theCanadian Square and Round Dance Society, presented by the NS Directors Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi.
        The attending dancers shared a great time dancing to the the club caller Tommy Collins.


News from the Scotia Dancers

Esther Chute

        The Scotia Dancers (Senior club in Metro Halifax) held their 24th annual Spring Fling and their 40th AnniversaryDance on 14 April. The Sackville Heights Community Centre was a lively building with over 8 squares sharing in thefun and excitement. The dance had several visiting callers who provided a variety of music and choreography. Specialpresentations were made to founding Caller Pat Alquire and to the senior club member Edna Myers. Edna has dancedwith the club for 35 years. Although the size of the club has fluctuated drastically over the last 40 years, the currentmembers continue the tradition of providing the best Spring dance in the area. Door prizes and lunch were a big hit!

Ken & Jean Murphy receiving Appreciation Certificate
from Scotia Dancers Presidents, Don & Carol Scott

Scotia Dancers 24th Spring Fling
and 40th Anniversary Dance



        The recent square dance for heart, held in Waterville Fire Hall, was billed as the 15`" annual dance,which would make the first one being held in 1993. Looking through some archival materials recently, Ifound reference to a Heart Dance held in 1990. I had remembered this dance being held in the fall, but noone that I talked to had seemed to remember it. I now know the reason why I remembered it so well isbecause Harold and I organized it on behalf of the Haley Dancers Club.
        Someone from the Heart and Stroke Foundation had suggested to caller Jim Alguire that itwould be a good charity for square dancers to support. He in turn had mentioned to Harold that it couldbe a good idea for a start-up fall dance. It could involve the public, by asking for pledges, and showingthe public what square dancing was all about. We might then benefit by signing up new dancers.
        Somehow, Harold and I then became the organizers of this dance and it was held on Sept 15`",1990 at Horton High School. Funds raised totaled $800.00.
        As guest entertainment we had Pomorze, a Polish Dance Group from Halifax, under thedirection of Dominic Gniewek, and the Western Kings 4H Club Square Dancers, under the direction ofMary Magee. Callers for the evening were Don Haley, Barry Walker and Cuer was Ken Atkinson.
        Various nutritious snacks were enjoyed at the end of the evening, and copies of heart healthyrecipes for some of the snacks were available to take home.
        Joan Fraser, the Executive Director of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, was present. As a formersquare dancer, she joined in the dancing. At the end of the evening, she expressed her thanks for the evening of fun and she was extremely impressed with the entertainment, refreshments and effort theclub had put in to the evening, and the available recipes for take home.
        We had hoped that another club would get on the band-wagon and hold another dance the nextfall and it could be a regular happening. However, I was unable to find any further references to a HeartFund Dance being held here in the valley in the fall.
        The next dance was held February 6`", 1993 organized by 8 valley square dance clubs and washeld in Berwick at the Lion's hall, and it became known as the 1'` Annual Square Dance for Heart.$951.00 was raised that evening. These annual dances have been held in the month of February. Regularentertainment at recent dances has been Mary's Islanders and we appreciate and enjoy their enthusiasticparticipation very much. Many, if not all of the recent annual dances, were co-ordinated by RainbowDancers. All available valley callers and cuers have participated.
        The final total raised at this recent dance was $1300.00. It Appears that things have come full circle,because coordinators of the last two dances have been Harold and I. Our thanks to all who give of theirtime and participation to make these dances possible.


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