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SEPTEMBER    2007    --    NUMBER 138
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Editor's Comments:
        Another Square Dance season is about to begin. Hopefully dancers are restedand ready for aninflux of NEW DANCERS! Now is the time to ask relatives, friends, neighbours, acquaintances,fellow club/groupmembers, and total strangers to come to try out Modern Square Dancing!!
This edition of BT has news from the Federation & F2010 Meetings, Club News, Presidents'Report, and F2008.



        Your provincial Federation volunteer Board members met on 22 July to plan for the FallSeason and the AGM.


        The volunteer organizing committee held another meeting on 26 May. Plans for thefund-raiser Cook-book projectwere reviewed, as well as promotional advertising for the FESTIVAL 2008 Souvenir ProgramBooklet. Tentative plansare in place for the F2010 presentation of dancing in London at FESTIVAL 2008. The committeewould like to contactall NS dancers who plan to attend next year's Convention in London. The committee needs avolunteer to step forwardto act as Secretary for F2010. Readers are asked to consider joining the group working to makeF2010 a completesuccess as were the two previous conventions held here in the province. Here's a chance to takepart in a project that isenjoyable and contributes to the life of square and round dancing. If you haven't yet registered forF2010, do so now!



News from the Cumberland Twirlers
        Record attendance at 33rd "MAPLE FLING"! The gymnasium of the E.B. Chandler school inAmherst wasfully occupied on the evening of Saturday 14th April when as many as 16 squares of dancers tookpart in theCumberland Twirlers Maple Fling Dance. This is the 33rd year that this event has been held. It isone of the two majorinvitational dances that the club holds each year.

        The organizers were delighted with the turnout of approximately 130 dancers plus a fewspectators. This was thelargest attendance at a Cumberland Twirlers special dance in a number of years, and somewhat ofa surpriseconsidering the return of the wintry weather in the previous two days, and unavoidable conflictswith similar dances inHalifax, Saint John and Miramichi. Dancers came from 13 clubs. A surprising number camefrom Cape Breton andPrince Edward Islands, as well as from the closer areas of Truro, Moncton and Sackville.

        The dancers were put through their paces by Ron Lowe, from Saint John. He is one of themost expert leaders in theMaritimes, with 40 years experience, in both "calling squares" and "cueing rounds". The largeturnout was undoubtedlya tribute to his popularity.

        Club Welcomes New Square Dancers

        During the regular weekly square dance of the Cumberland Twirlers on Tuesday April 3 therewas a special event.A "graduation ceremony" was held to recognize the achievements of two pairs of square dancerswho had joined aclassthat started last September. Jim & Marilyn DesBarres and Lee O'Brien & Jim Sicheri are nowfully fledged members ofthe club. The latter couple had just a few days earlier achieved a distinction many long termsquare dancers have yet toobtain. At an easy level square dance (with five callers calling) held at Mount Whatley, just overthe NB Border, theyfound themselves dancing in a square with three callers. Purple Heart badges were presented tothem at the closingdance of the Cumberland Twirlers on May 8th.



Square & Round Dance Federation of NS AGM - 13 Oct. Registration 1:30pm. - NorthWoodside CC, Dartmouth

38th Maritime Sq.&Rd. Dance Convention - 9/10 Nov. - Old Orchard Inn, Wolfville,

16th Canadian National Convention, - 17/19 July - London, Ontario - 519-396-9877


Report from the Federation Presidents

        On May 4th Ralph & I were honored and very pleased to be at Province House in the RedCarpet Room, to receiveon behalf of The Square & Round Dance Federation of NS, an award for OutstandingVolunteerism. This award wasgiven by The Heart & Stroke Foundation, for all the fund-raising dances and donations to themover the years.
        We met with the Lieutenant Governor Mayann Francis, who, we felt was a very gracious anddown to earth person,in fact Ralph & her shared a little joke later after the ceremonies were over. We were also invitedto a lovely lunch after ,when we had time to meet with the Lieutenant Governor and have a chat.
        You are to be congratulated for the your efforts of fund-raising every year, this was very muchappreciated and awell written statement was read about this by the Chair of The Heart & Stoke Foundation.
        We have just recently learned that this was all started by Harold & Clara Redden, and a bighand should be given tothem, for starting this very important and appreciated fund-raiser.
        Ralph & I will try to get to as many clubs over the next while to show the award and then willhand it over to Harold & Clara Redden for the archives.
                - -Val & Ralph Brown, Federation Presidents



Roy Sewell 29/07/2007
-- Danced with Golden Rounds&Squares, Rag Rounds, Fun Time Rounds,Metro Merry Makers.

Doug Spencer 7/08/2007
-- Danced with the High Tide Twirlers & Dice HillSquares.


Report from the Apple Valley Dancers
From Club Caller Nelson Labor
        On Tuesday, May 15th, the Apple Valley Dancers held their final dance of the season at theAylesford Lions Hall.They were served a fine roast beef dinner by the Lionettes. Seven squares of club membersmanaged to make it out alldressed in their club colours. A special highlight of the night was the attendance of past clubmember, GlennaKinsman. She & her late husband Earle were dedicated dancers and were very active in severalclubs in the valley for many years.

Apple Valley Dancers


Pictures from the 20th Annual Port George Camp Out
From Ralph & Valerie Brown, SRDFNS Presidents
        We were presenting a 20th Anniversary certificate to Wilfred and Goldie. Some campers werejust relaxing whileothers played the washer toss game.
        Ralph and I had a wonderful time at Port George Camp out Aug11.& 12, 2007.Friday night we danced to the band of Wilfred Burns, and caller Tommy Collins who did afantastic job.Sat. night Wayne Illes did the calling, again good job Wayne.
        Ralph & I took along guests with us who were not dancers, but saw the fun and fellowshipeveryone was having,that they now have decided to join in Sept.
        We want to say thank you to Berwick Bells & Bows and Fundy Squares, for a job well donehosting the weekendevent.


JULY 17, 18, 19. 2008

        The Square & Round Dancers of South Western Ontario are the proud hosts of thisConvention that will be held inthe heart of downtown London, July 17, 18, 19, 2008. The tentative program includes Squares:Basic to C3 (8 differentlevels of square dancing). Round Dancing: Phase II & III, Phase III, IV & V, and finally Phase V& VI. Clogging:Basic to Advanced. Contras, Line Dancing and Wheelchair Squares.,br.We will be using the Convention Centre, YMCA and the Ball Room at the Hilton Hotel, which isattached to theConvention Centre. All facilities are fully wheelchair accessible, and are Fully Air-Conditioned.The sound has beenchecked and was found excellent. Snap-lock flooring is being placed over the carpets forcomfortable dancing. Thefloors at the YMCA are hard wood. Healthy snack food will be available in both buildings.

        The Heritage Room:
This is a very important room as it will have historic displays from all our 51 Clubs.Each Club will have a 2 x 4 foot display board to put their club history on written history aswell as pictures, andmuch more. There will also be a display of Convention Dolls. These dolls are dressed in theOfficial Convention outfitsrepresenting all of our 16 Conventions. The upcoming 17th Convention Dolls will also be ondisplay. This is a veryspecial room and a must visit for everyone going to the Convention.

There will be vendors selling square dance clothing and shoes, also vendors with square dancejewelery and muchmore. This is also a very popular place for the Ladies and even some of the Men.

        The Fashion Show:
The Fashion Show will be presented in the upscale, tiered 300 seat Theater of the ConventionCentre on Friday July 18,2008 at 5:00pm. The Committee have something very special planned for this event. If you havea home sewn outfitthat you would like to model in the fashion show please look for the entry form on our FestivalWeb Site: or e-mail Liz Dickens at We welcome families,couples or singles asmodels. New trends in square dance and round dance fashions are evolving. Prairie Skirts andPeasant Blouses will beincluded along with traditional square dance attire. We are now accepting entries. All forms mustbe received prior toJune 16, 2008 in order to be included in the show. Tickets will be on sale for those wishing toview the show.

        The Worship Service:
The Worship Service will be held at First - St. Andrews United Church (just 2 blocks from theConvention Centre) onSaturday July 19. 2008 at 4:00pm. The Church will be open at 3:00pm for dancers who wish topreview this beautifulhistoric building. Offerings will be given to First - St. Andrews for their Outreach Programs. Allthose interested inbeing part of the Choir, or individual participation, or wishing to play an instrument, pleasecontact Organist & ChoirDirector Dan Weatherby at e-mail or mail: 260 Winston Blvd.,Cambridge, Ontario N3C1M5. T here will be a lower hall available for the organist & choir to practice at 3:00pm. Dan is aCaller in theKitchener area.

        Sewing Room:
Marilyn Bond will be our Sewing Clinic Leader. Marilyn has four clinics planned of 1 1/2 hourseach. The Clinics willcover 4 different skirt styles, 4 different skirt layouts, accessorize ideas and Technique Trivia.Prior to becoming anAuthorized Educator for Pfaff Sewing Machines in Canada, Marilyn and her husband Lionelowned and operated asewing store in Brantford, Ontario for 14 years. Marilyn has conducted many workshops atSquare Dance functions inCanada and the United States.

        Banner Parade:
We are planning an outdoor Banner Parade which will take place on Thursday Morning July17th. along with a squaredance demo. This will be a very impressive display with the dancers parading in their lovelysquare dance outfits andcarrying their colourful Banners.

Information Websites:

Festival 2008 website:
London Tourism:
London Convention Centre website
London Ontario website:

Toll Free Phone Number For Canada & United States: 1-866-206-6696


London, Ontario

JULY 17, 18, 19, 2008

The Square and Round Dancers of South Western
Ontario are the proud hosts of the 16th Canadian
National Square and Round Dance Festival.

This exciting event will be held in the London
Convention Centre, in the heart of downtown
London, Ontario

With a population of over 335,000 people, London is a thriving, commercial and industrial centre. Because of the many parks and pathways, thecity has become known as "The Forest City". The area offers many attractions for the young and 'young at heart' - Museums, Art Galleries, andplenty of local History. Enjoy touring London in a Double-Decker Bus, or visit Storybook Gardens where Slippery the Seal made his great escapea number of years ago. You may also wish to try your luck at the Western Fair Raceway and Slots. Visit us in 2008 and enjoy great Dancing,Touring, Friendship and Fun.

Make A Date For 2008

Not only is there a lot to see and do in London, but nearby there is St. Thomas, Port Stanley - situated on Lake Erie, Sparta, and many, many otherinteresting places. Enjoy driving through the Mennonite areas of Aylmer and St. Jacobs, and browse through their country markets. Visit GrandBend, the home of the Huron County Playhouse, or travel to Stratford for the Shakespearean Festival. Niagara Falls, Toronto, Windsor & Detroitare only a 2 hour drive from London.

Festival 2008

c/o Lee Cox ,
12 Anne Marie Crescent,
Kincardine, ON N2Z 1J4

Have a question ?       Need Information ? Try:\2008

Phone: 519-396-7228,       FAX 519-396-6566

"Canadian Square and Round Dance Convention" sanctioned by:
The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society.


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