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Editor's note: Until a new editor takes over Between Tips the Nova Scotia square and round dance community is going to have to make do with The Phantom. It will exist only in CyberSpace - I don't plan to distribute paper copies. New issues will be broadcast when enough content is on hand.

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I ask you, dear reader, to occasionally send a short summary of recent events in your part of the Nova Scotia square and round dance world. Images are welcome; I will edit as needed. Send your contributions to the address shown below.

Number 4
October 2011
Editor: Gary Welch

Edna Myers Digs Deep
Twenty Year Certificate Awarded
Apple Crisp 2011
Your Federation at Work
Reports from Clubs
The 2011 Heart Fund Dances

Edna Myers Digs Deep

Pictures kindly provided by Don Scott

Edna Myers, the "Penny Lady", gives Feed Nova Scotia a money order for $1,850.00 at St.Vincent’s Nursing Home. Who said pennies aren’t worth anything? For at least the past ten years Edna has collected pennies all year from anyone who will oblige, then rolls and deposits them into a special bank account.

Twenty Year Certificate Awarded

Picture Courtesy of Marion McLellan

Clyde & Gwen Cantelope of Strathmore Strutters receive their 20 Year Certificate at the club’s Valentine Party, Feb 14, 2011; Bob & Phyllis Fiddes in photo as well.

Apple Crisp 2011

Don Scott recorded the Fun Squares' special dance.

Your Federation at Work: A Summary of the Executive Meeting of 24 July 2011

Submitted by Fundy Region Reps Gerry and Marion McLellan

Japanese Tsunami Recovery Fund

In 2005, the US was hit with the most damaging hurricane in history. Katrina left thousands of residents along the Gulf Coast homeless. Square dancers worldwide delivered food & supplies and donated over $100,000 to help the needy; one of the first donations came from dancers in Japan.

Now the Japanese Square Dance Association, with about 15,000 members from 490 clubs, needs our help as it deals with the devastation of the March 2011 earthquake & tsunami. American square dancers were among the first to be actively involved in fund raising to support this worthy cause.

The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society has launched an appeal to support victims who are members of the Japanese Square Dance Association; a national target has been set at $40,000. The SRDFNS has earmarked $1,000 for the cause, along with $300 from one club and a $75 private donation.

For those clubs/dancers wondering what would be a reasonable donation amount, it has been suggested that $3/dancer would be a good start; of course, larger amounts are also welcomed. This could be accomplished by, for example, individual donations, fund raising, and special dances.

Please present this appeal to your clubs & report back before the October 15 AGM.

Committee Reports

The search continues for a new Historical Archivist to replace Clara & Harold Redden.

Regional Reports

Most clubs close mid May to early September. A few continue to have regularly scheduled club dances during summer months. After 37 years, Cumberland Twirlers are holding their Blueberry Finalé Sept 10; attendance continues to drop – expenses far exceed revenue. [Ed. note: see club reports below.]

Liaison Reports
CSRDS (Canadian Square & Round Dance Society)

The Society has approved Bursaries for 15 leaders this year. Maritimers account for three of them: Ralph MacDonald, Réal Caron & Faye Germon, each for $500.

ANSSRDT (Association of Nova Scotia Square and Round Dance Teachers)

The next workshop will be held during May in Amherst. Callers School is scheduled for Aug 21 – 26, Elm River Campground. Fall workshop to occur on Sept 24.

DANS (Dance Nova Scotia)

Cathy Langille, Greenfield, is the new Dance Nova Scotia rep.

Current Business

SRDFNS Festival, July 2011 – Old Orchard Inn. Total attendance was 80 dancers, 17 leaders & partners. The event incurred a net loss of approx $150.

A few videos, cookbooks & canvas bags remain from National Festival 2010; please ensure club members are advised. Each Regional rep carries a small inventory available for sale.

New Business
Allocation of profit from Halifax National Festival 2010

Following the wishes of Nova Scotia dancers the funds are being used for three projects:

  1. Flooring: $6,000 has been turned over to MCCA to assist with purchase of an initial supply of click flooring. Storage and transportation are the responsibility of MCCA. The flooring was used at Festival 2011, Old Orchard Inn; comments were cautiously favourable.
  2. Promotion: A representative from LaHave River Ramblers presented a business plan in support of a request for promotional funding (an allocation within National 2010 surplus). They were awarded the $250 maximum. Clubs wishing to apply for their share are requested to submit a plan for their proposed promotion expenditure. Proposals will be discussed by Federation Executive before funding is approved. This Promo Bursary is only available for 2011, 2012 & 2013.
  3. Bursary for Leaders: Requests approved for upcoming callers school (see ANSSRDT liaison report): $500 to Don Scott's new leader application; $200 to Faye Germon, an existing leader.
Next Meeting

Annual General Meeting, Oct 15, 2011, North Woodside Community Centre (1:30 for 2:00 start) All club members welcome & invited to attend.

Reports from Clubs

West Kings Twirlers

The West Kings Twirlers had a busy fall and started the New Year off in Style. New members began classes in early October. Fortunately, they were not frightened away by the scary sights at the club dance on October 29th , when more than four spooky squares invaded the hall.

November 19th was “Club Colours” night and this year we outgrew the camera lens as evidenced by our photo.

November 26th was our annual “Goofers” night. Laurie Illsley patiently guided numerous fledgling callers through their numbers. We had songs from the gorgeous and not-so-gorgeous and enjoyed them all.

The lunch that evening was our famous “Moose Soup” made by our Newfoundland contingent. Yummy!! It’s wonderful having Nelson Labor back sharing mike duties with Laurie and he called a lively Christmas dance for almost seven squares on December 17th. Interest in a New Year’s Eve gathering was expressed and as plans evolved; the crowd grew, until 50 dancers gathered to ring in the New Year. Rather than a dance, it was a “square dancers party” and included skits, sing-songs and square, round and spot dances.

Laurie Illsley kept the activities flowing and Father Time arrived (below) with Baby New Year at the stroke of twelve.

The West Kings Twirlers look forward to a Happy NewYear and wish the same for all of you.

Annapolis Valley Clubs

Submitted by Al and Corinne McNabb, Valley Area Reps

DICE HILL SQUARES – See above report on the Apple Crisp Dance. All activities are listed in the Calendar of Events as well as Bob's reports.

BERWICK BELLS 'N BEAUS – They are dancing one square one Thursday a month at the Anglican Church hall with Tommy Collins calling. They hope to continue until May and then make a decision whether to continue. They are planning a Pot Luck / Birthday Party for Esther Chute's 98th birthday on the second Thursday of April.

APPLE VALLEY DANCERS This PLUS club dances Tuesdays at Melvern Square Hall with Laurie Illsley, Barry Walker and Terry Lewis taking turns calling. Unfortunately we are dancing only one to three squares.

WEST KINGS TWIRLERS West Kings continues dancing Fridays with approximately 3 to 4 squares. A very enjoyable New Year's Eve Party was well attended with approximately 6 squares. It was a fun evening of good dancing, games, singing and wonderful food. Laurie was the caller for the evening. Laurie and Nelson Labor continue to call for the club. They have a small class.

FUNDY SQUARES The club dances Wednesdays with Tommy calling, and with 2 to 3 squares. March 16th will feature a Pot Luck St. Patrick's Dance which will be a fundraiser for the VON.

ADMIRAL DANCERS – Terry and Marsha Lewis are the club leaders; no news from their club.

FOUR SEASONS – Wayne and Linda Isles lead this club; no news is available.

VALLEY DANCERS ANNUAL DANCE FOR HEART will be held at the Waterville and District Fire Hall on Saturday, February 19th. Come out and support this very important fundraiser. [Ed. note: see report below.]

2011 Heart Fund Dances

Annapolis Valley

Submitted by Bob Ruohoniemi

Al Worthen (Fundy Squares, at the mike) and a representative from the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Metro Halifax

Don Scott kindly provided the photos.

Dancers arrive with the goodies.

Setting things up in front

The Klines contribute to the Heart Fund

Couples enjoying a waltz during the break

All this walking builds up an appetite!

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