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Editor's note: Until a new editor takes over Between Tips the Nova Scotia square and round dance community is going to have to make do with The Phantom. It will exist only in CyberSpace - I don't plan to distribute paper copies. New issues will be broadcast when enough content is on hand.

I ask you, dear reader, to occasionally send a short summary of recent events in your part of the Nova Scotia square and round dance world. Images are welcome; I will edit as needed. Send your contributions to the address shown below.

Number 5  
March 2012
Editor: Gary Welch

Public Demonstrations, Part 1
CTV Morning Live Taping Session
Your Federation at Work
Public Demonstrations, Part 2
Dancing at Parkland


Public Demonstrations, Part 1

New Federation Publicity Officers Paul & Cathy Langille have brought much-needed energy and new ideas for dealing with the longstanding problems of advertising our presence and attracting new dancers. One of their efforts is reported here, and more are presented elsewhere in this issue. Way to go, Paul and Cathy!

The LaHave River Ramblers, assisted by caller Dottie Welch, joined Bonny Lea Farm on 23 September 2011 to celebrate the opening of their new mulch barn. This picture was published the following week in the Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin - a nice bit of publicity!


CTV Morning Live Taping Session

Three squares in full Christmas dress gathered at Bloomfield Centre on the morning of December 22 to dance in front of a CTV camera crew. Caller Dottie Welch put us through our paces, with a special teaching tip for good-natured host Cyril Lunney. Short introductory sessions were taped featuring four groups of six dancers. A "spokesperson" from each group was chosen to proclaim "Hi, I'm ----- and you're watching Morining Live on CTV!". The results were often hilarious, requiring one or more retakes. But all ended well, and the session aired the following morning to critical acclaim.


Your Federation at Work

Reports from the 15 October 2011 Executive

Gerry and Marion McLellan

NOTE: Minutes from the 15 October AGM are published elsewhere on the web site - press the "Past AGMs" button in the table of "Federation Publications & Activities".

    Longevity Awards were presented to dancers of all three Fundy clubs.
  • Strathmore Strutters members: Clyde & Gwen Cantelope
  • Cumberland Twirlers members: Layton & Joan Porter, Don & Mary Ripley, Garnet Dickson & Betty Donaldson
  • Border Rounders members: David & Brenda VanZoost, Frank & Lois O’Blenis, and a member of both Cumberland clubs: Louise Jollota.

In the Valley Region, Fundy Squares celebrate their 25th Anniversary on November 16. An appropriate certificate will be presented at that time.

No nominations for the Mayflower Award were received last year.


We are still looking for someone to take over the archive material. A suggestion was made to hire a summer student to copy, or scan and save, all back minutes to appropriate file(s) and backup device. This would decrease current storage space requirements.


The possibility was discussed of producing a once-a-year paper copy of the Federation electronic ‘Phantom’, including colour pictures. That involves a lot of work, as image files have to be converted to an alternate format in order to carry out the task.

Please report any errors found on the Federation website to Webmaster, Gary Welch.


Most clubs open for 2011/2012 season, several with BBQs, excepting:

  1. Digby Admiral Dancers, Valley Region (Terry Lewis Caller) – inactive at this time
  2. Four Seasons, Valley Region (Wayne Isles Caller) – temporarily delayed due to sickness & travel of several members

New class participants reported by a few clubs:

  1. Highland squares 1 couple
  2. LaHave River Ramblers 7 new dancers
  3. Sunrise Squares 4 new dancers
  4. Fundy Squares 4 couples
  5. Dice Hill 3 new dancers

Cumberland Twirlers was the only club reporting plans in place for the Japanese Tsunami Recovery Fund – a club auction is scheduled for November 29, with proceeds going to the cause.


The 5th biannual Alguire Memorial Callers School was held Aug 21-26 at Elm River. Five Callers, including new caller, Don Scott, were in attendance, learning from Andy Shore of Florida, as well as Kerry Fletcher & Dottie Welch. Donations to the fund may be made by contacting Alex Ritchie or DANS.

  • National Society membership for 2011 totalled 12,619.
  • Liability Insurance premium has increased by 10% - the first increase in several years.
  • Deadline for submission of NS Federation membership, insurance forms & monies is Oct. 31, 2011, following which a penalty of $1/member is levied.
  • CSRDS awarded 17 bursaries to Callers & Cuers attending schools in 2011, including 3 from NS. Funding was also provided to one caller school.
  • The National Festival 2014 committee in Ottawa is hoping to attract 2000 dancers. Four hotels are offering convention rates from $129 to $199/day.
  • Fund raising for square dance victims of Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disasters continues – NS organizations/clubs have donated $1,300 to date.
  • If dancers see errors or changes required on the Society webpage ( they should be reported to the Provincial Directors, Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi.
President: Ralph MacDonald
Vice President: Paul & Cathy Langille
Secretary: Dottie Welch
Treasurer: Russell & Mary Trimper
Finance OfficerMarion McLellan
Publicity Officer: Paul & Cathy Langille
Publications Officer: John & Lynda Reid
Between Tips Editor: vacant
Webmaster & the Phantom: Gary Welch
Historical Archivist: Clara & Harold Redden
Awards Committee: Don & Carol Scott
NS National Society Reps: Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi
DANS Rep: Cathy Langille
ANSSRDT Liaison: Dottie & Gary Welch
Regional Reps
Central: Don & Carol Scott
Valley: Al & Connie McNabb
South Shore: Paul & Cathy Langille
Fundy: Gerry & Marion McLellan
Cape Breton: Lionel & Shannon Parsons
Highland: Ralph & Barb MacDonald
SRDFNS 2013 Festival

A provincial festival is usually held the 3rd weekend of July; the event saw a small turnout in 2011. It was suggested that dancers might like a change from Old Orchard; a new location/venue is being sought. Some discussion also took place in regards to a possible change of date – no action taken at this time.

50+ Expo 2012

A demonstration at this event is scheduled for June 9 & 10

Videos, Cookbooks and Canvas Bags

Originally purchased for Halifax National Festival 2010, a small supply of each still remains to be sold. Cookbooks make an excellent gift for the ‘woman (or man)’ of the house.

Promotion Funding Request

The amount of $250 was approved for Sunrise Squares, South Shore Region, to come from the National Festival 2010 surplus.


Next Executive meeting: January 28, 2012, Sobeys, Greenwood Mall

Next AGM: October 13, 2012, North Woodside Community Centre


Public Demonstrations, Part 2

Bridgewater Christmas Parade

The following photos show the South Shore square dance clubs' entry (#30/53) for the Christmas Parade sponsored by South Shore in Motion held in Bridgewater, November 27, 2011. This is the first year square dancing was represented in the Christmas Parade. Next year's entry is already in the works.

Martin's River

LaHave River Ramblers square dancers, Heather West and Mike Touesnard, dance to calls by Dottie Welch and live music provided by "Ron and Tailor Made" in aid of Martin's River Fire Department Sunday, January 29. Below: the group concentrates on getting it right - and does!


Dancing at Parkland

Metro is reaching out to non-dancers through a program of public dances at Parkland on the Lakes. Dancing starts at 2:00 on the first and third Wednesday afternoons each month. Caller Dottie Welch presents a variety of dance forms, including circles, contras, and squares, and instructs when needed.


* Want to dance the next tip but can't quite make a square? Experienced dancers know the solution: ask a phantom (or two) to fill in! Phantoms are spirits who come when needed, and do their part of the action so the real folks can dance. They are, however, quite mischievous, and their antics can cause all sorts of hilarious bloopers by real dancers! Thankfully, phantoms disappear when no longer needed. Like its namesake, this newsletter has come when needed. It's antics will be harmless. Hopefully it will soon disappear when Between Tips returns. Meantime, watch out for the latest contributions!