Ph II-IV Rounds - Mondays & Tuesdays (Class - Sunday 6:00-7:30 pm) - 8:00-10:00 pm, 21 Minwell Ave., Sydney
Leaders: Wendell & Bev Carroll
Contact: Wendel & Bev Carroll
21 Minwell Ave.
Sydney, NS B1M 1A7 (902) 562-4262     bev_wen_carroll@ns.sympatico.ca

      Cuer leaders, Wendell and Bev Carroll started teaching round dancing in 1988 to the square dancers in the Sydney and surrounding areas. Classes were held at the Grand Lake Road Pensioners Club and at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Sydney.
      The year 1989 brought eight new couples to Round Dancing. John and Valerie Pinks did a workshop in the winter of 1991 at the Grand Lake Road Pensioners Club. In the Spring of 1991 Caller Leaders, Barbara and Jim Cruickshanks agreed to teach square dancing to the new couples.
      In the Spring of 1991 we registered the Celtic Round and Square Dancing Club. Both activities were continued until July 1993. Unfortunately Jim, Barbara's spouse, passed away and she decided not to continue the activity.
      The Celtic Round Dancers continued at the Pensioners Club for 1993 and 1994. In 1994 the Pensioners Club close any municipality took over the Hall. Classes were moved to the basement and Bev and Wendell's place. John and Valerie Pinks did another workshop (Phase II Merengue) at our yearly roundup in 1998. In January of 2000, Wendell had heart surgery, and classes were cancelled until October of 2000. This year, 2001, classes will resume in October, dancers choice.

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