Basic & Mainstream - Thursdays 8:00-10:00 pm, Saulnierville School Gym, Saulnierville
Caller: George & Wendy Michaels
Contact: Bucky & Medora Dahlgren
783 Patrice Rd. RR 1 Church Point NS B0W 1M0 (902) 769-3558     bucky.dahlgren@gmail.com

      The Danseurs Acadiens Square dance club of was organized in the Spring of 1966 by Stanley Saulnier who was our first President. Our club is located in the Municipality of Clare, Digby county, Nova Scotia. Our first caller, Garnet Banks, devoted seventeen years of calling towards our club. During this time, he had fifteen International Exchanges between Maine and Nova Scotia. Our next caller was Cecil Comeau, and now we are enjoying Warren Marshall as our present caller. He has already spent nine years with us. These devoted personalities have done a wonderful job. Their friendliness with one and all was much appreciated and they certainly devoted much of their time towards our club and the dancers. We can only say words of kindness and dedication to all these callers. With the good will of all, our club members are still dancing from September to May at the Jean-Marie-Gay School in Saulnierville. We are now enjoying yearly Exchanges between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, this year being the thirteenth exchange.
      Over the years we have had many graduations, fun dances, demonstrations in public places, in malls, and for seniors. We also participated many times in the Acadian Festival where we had a dance on Saturday evening, danced on the float in the Sunday Parade and entertained the public by dancing on the picnic grounds.
      Square dancing is a good exercise where you can meet old and new friends. It is a healthful recreational group active where you can enjoy a few hours of fun relaxation and also a gathering for people of all ages.
      We have in our club three members from the first class of 1966 who are still dancing today.

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