Dancing Shadows started with a class in January of 1967 for the people who were going across the country on the "Centennial Square Dance Train". The purpose was to teach this class the current rounds that they might encounter at various clubs across the country. When they returned home these dancers wanted to continue round dancing so in the fall of 1967 John and Fran Essex formed 'Dancing Shadows', as well as starting a new class to feed into the club.
       Sometime later John and Fran, after coaching Marg and Tom Keigan teach their first round dance class and having Marg cue at Dancing Shadows, turned the Round Dance Leadership duties over to Marg and Tom with Marg doing the cueing. When Marg and Tom decided to move to move to Ontario, the members of Dancing Shadows asked Alex Ritchie and Bernice Thurber to become the Round Dance Leaders for the club.
      Bernice passed away on April 19, 2005 and is greatly missed. Alex retired in May 2008.
      Thanks to John and Fran, Marg and Tom, and Alex and Bernice, the members of Dancing Shadows have enjoyed many years of continuous Round Dancing and fellowship. During most of these 40 years Dancing Shadows danced at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Wednesday evenings.
       The remaining club members dance on some Sundays to CDs recorded by Alex.

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