Mainstream & Ph II Rounds - Saturdays 8:00-10:00 pm, St. Lukes Anglican Church Hall, Veterans Ave., Dartmouth
Callers: Bruce and Mark Savage

       In 1987, the Starduster's Club voted not to use Mark and Wade Savage as their callers for the upcoming dance season. Two squares of Starduster's who did not agree with this decision approached Bruce, Mark, Wade Savage and Kerry Fletcher and asked them to form their own club. Previous to this, Mark and Wade had a Plus Club known as the FUN SQUARES WORKSHOP, so Bruce, Mark, Wade and Kerry decided the new club would be an extension of the Fun Squares Workshop and thus named it THE FUN SQUARES CLUB.
      The new club was created in 1988. It was decided The Fun Squares Club would be a caller-run-club as they believed there should be no politics within the activity. Dancers dance for fun. They danced at Creighton Ave. Community Center for approximately 3 years when they moved to the Findley Community Center. After a few years the club moved to the Cole Harbour Activity Center. Kerry Fletcher left the club in 1996 and Wade currently only calls for the club on the odd occasion.
      The Club currently dances at St. Luke's Church Hall on Veterans Ave. in Dartmouth were dancers enjoy mainstream dancing along with a "Plus for all" workshop. Over the past 15 years, the Club has enjoyed great success. The dancers that attend every week are an enthusiastic group, each with an individual input that helps make the Club itself special, truly a Club where FUN is the name of the game.

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