Basic & Mainstream - Thursdays 8:00-10:30 pm, Seaside Community Center, Beach Meadows
Caller: John Medicraft
Contact: Frances Dalziel
26 Nauss Ave.
Bridgewater, NS B4V 1B7 (902) 543-5117

      In the early nineteen fifties Roger Whynot of Milton, Queens County, got a group of youths and adults together and began teaching them to square dance. He called them the Jolly Roger Dancers. They danced what was known as the New England Style Square Dancing consisting of 25 calls.
      In 1966 the group became an executive run club and with Roger as the caller, they adopted the Modern Western Square Dance Style, made a club banner and registered with the Nova Scotia Dance Federation.
      Callers for the Club have been: Roger Whynot and Phyllis 1966 - 1969; Arch Erickson and Peg from Greenwood 1969 - 1971; Ivan Doggett and Florence and John Medicraft and Marcella 1971 - 1991. John Medicraft continued to call for the Club until his retirement on February 24, 2000.
      Over the years this has been a very active mainstream club participating in demonstrations, other club visits, festivals, conventions and exchange dances.
      The Jolly Roger Squares have been a source of great fun and fellowship for local dancers and many dancers throughout the Maritimes.

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