Basic & Mainstream - Thursday 7:30-10:00 pm (Class 7:30-10:00 pm), Wileville Fire Hall, Wileville, Exit 13 off Hwy # 103
Caller: Barry Bendle

      The LaHave River Ramblers Square Dance Club was born out of necessity by Laurie and Elizabeth Hutchcroft to learn and practice square dance calling in 1988. They had graduated from DANS calling school the previous year. The club started with three couples as class members and one experienced couple, in the Lions Hall in Bridgewater, but due to cost, moved to the caller's basement within the first month and danced there for the first year. The second year the club picked up more class members, and also two more experienced couples joined us to make two squares. That year the club moved to the MARC in Dayspring. Since then the club has been very busy picking up an average of two couples each year, and moving from a Basic club in the beginning to a full Mainstream club today. The club has an elected executive, which serves for two year terms. Over the years the executive has done a great job in making the club one of the friendliest in the province. The club promotes Square Dancing which is fun through dancing and socializing.
      In May 2001 Laurie and Elizabeth Hutchcroft resigned as callers because of a move to Cornwallis. They continue as honorary members of the club. In September of 2001 Barry and Dyanna Bendle of Timberlea agreed to do the calling, and with Barry on the mike, the club restarted on September 20th, with three new class couples. Late in October the club welcomed four new couples from Liverpool as a result of their club the Jolly Rogers closing. The Club is a very active and friendly club, dancing each Thursday, in the Wileville Fire Hall from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm from mid September to mid May.

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