Mainstream, Ph II Rounds, & Contras - Thursdays 7:30-9:30 pm, North Woodside Community Centre, 230 Pleasant St., Dartmouth
Caller/Cuer/Prompter: Dottie Welch

      The Lake City Swingers began dancing on Tuesdays in 1982. The caller was Stuart and Debbie Brink from 1982 until February of 1989 when Stu left for a job promotion to Ottawa. Gerry and Bev O'Hara took over the calling and cueing from 1989 to 1991 while Gerry was working on the construction of the new Grace Hospital. When Gerry returned to New Brunswick, Dottie Welch took over and the dance night was changed to Thursday. She has been calling for the club since the fall of 1991. We have danced at several locations in Dartmouth and have just moved to North Woodside Community Centre to begin the fall season in 2000.
      On regular dance evenings we dance Modern Western Squares using the Basic and Mainstream Programs, Easy Rounds and Easy Contras. On the first Thursday of most months we have a "no experience required" dance open to couples, singles and teens with a mix of Circle, Square and Line Dancing including some Traditional Square Dances.
      Dancing for new dancers with instruction in the Basic moves is held intermixed with the experienced dancers. For more information call 435-4544.
      Our yearly special dance is our Swing Into Fall normally scheduled for the third week in October with Strawberry and Blueberry Shortcake for lunch. Please see the Calendar of Events for the date this year.

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