Plus - Tuesdays 8:00-10:00 pm, Bloomfield School, 2786 Agricola St., Halifax,
Callers: Mark and Bruce Savage
A-1 - Fridays 8:00-10:00 pm, Bloomfield School, 2786 Agricola St., Halifax,
Caller: Kerry Fletcher

       THE OCEAN WAVES CLUB was formed between 1980- 1982 as a PLUS Workshop for the Scotia Dancers Club. Jim & Pat Alquire held these dances on Tuesday evenings at the Oxford School in Halifax, Later they danced some nights at Bloomfield School and some nights at Plastics Maritime Ltd.

September 1984, the Alquires started a Basics class on Wednesday evenings at Oxford School. In January 1985, John & Fran Essex began teaching a new class known as the METRO MERRY MAKERS CLUB. John also started a mainstream class in January 1987, with dancers of minimum two years experience. September of this year, Hugh O'Brien, an apprentice caller, and his wife, Eleanor joined the club, New dancers kept joining each year and made this one of the largest Basic clubs in the Maritimes. It became a very busy. very happy club with many dance demonstrations, picnics, special dances and a New Years Dance. This club, the Metro Merry Makers continued for eight years.

In 1989 THE OCEAN WAVES CLUB joined with the METRO MERRY MAKERS as a PLUS CLUB. In September 1989, Bruce Savage began calling with John Essex at Mainstream Level and Judy (Caborn) Skaling called a Basics Singles class. November 1990, will be remembered as the year of recognition for one of the pioneer couples who brought our club to the fore front of the square dance world. The CANADIAN SQUARE & ROUND DANCE SOCIETY presented the "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE to our well known club callers JOHN & FRAN ESSEX. The following year, this wondertul couple retired from teaching but left the square dance world with callers and dancers who can always claim they learned from a master.

Harry & Betty Lofgren, in Sept. 1992, acquired the Basics club which had decreased in numbers and tutored these couples into mainstream dancing. Later in 1992-1993, the club danced on one Tuesday evening a month at the home of Jim & Patricia Alguire.

In August 1993, with the loss of Jim Alguire the club made the decision to elect an executive in September. It was the decision of the club members by majority vote to name the future club THE METRO MERRY MAKERS / OCEAN WAVES The renaming allowed the M.M.Makers to keep their mainstream level and the Ocean Waves to dance P1us and "A" levels. This season found the club with all levels of dance.
Basic Class was taught by Harry & (Betty) Lofgren.
The Mainstream Club with caller Bruce Savage, was held at the United Memorial Church Hall.
The Plus Club with caller, Mark Savage, was held at the Oxford School Gym on Tuesdays.
The "A-1" with callers Wade Savage and Kerry Fletcher danced at the Oxtord Gym also,

In the Fall of 1994 all levels of dance for the M.M.M./ Ocean Waves moved to the Bloornfield Resource Center, Agricola St. Halifax.
Basic/Mainstream class was now taught by Patricia Alquire.
Mainstream class was called by Bruce Savage. Plus Classes were with Mark Savage.
The Plus Club was called by Wade Savage, Kerry Fletcher and if needed Mark Savage and Patricia Atquire. The "A-1" club took the year off.
September of 2000 was the last year for the Mainstream Classes. A new Pius Club was formed in January 2001 but kept tne name M.M.M./Ocean Waves. Athough Plus is the main dance of the club, Mainstream is danced at all advertised special dances such as our fall fund raiser, Christmas, Valentines, etc.

Today in 2004 the Club is still a very busy, very popular club with 56 registered couples. They are supporters of the Alquire Callers Memorial Fund which helps anyone interested in learning to call the Square dance moves and become a caller/cuer.
The Club is an avid supporter of all metro and other fund raiser dances throughout the Maritimes. The M,M.M./Ocean Waves have an annual fund raising club dance, called The Harvest Moon dance held each year in November. This dance in November has had dancers representing 14 different clubs throughout Nova Scotia and often someone from New Brunswick. The Club shows it great enthusiasm and high energy when you visit its club. It is known near and afar for its friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere.
The Plus Classes are held on Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm and taught by Mark Savage.
The Plus Club held on Tuesdays 8:00 - 10;00 pm enjoys the expertise of Mark & Wade Savage as callers/cuers.
The Tidal Waves or "A-1" club enjoys the advanced calling expertise of Kerry Fletcher on Friday nights 8:00 - 10:00 pm.
All dances are held at the Bloomfield Community Center, Agricola St. Halifax.
All club members from near and afar are welcome to join us for a fun filled evening of laughter and dance.

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