Basic & Mainstream - Wednesdays 8:00-10:00 pm, Wilmot Community Hall, Hwy #1, Wilmot
Caller: Jim & Marion Webber
Contact: Jim & Marion Webber
2847 Clarence Rd RR 1
Bridgetown, NS B0S 1C0 (902) 584-3624

      In April 2000, Jim Webber was approached by some members Cornwallis Club and they asked him if he would teach them to square dance. The Cornwallis Club is a mentally and physically handicapped club run by the mental health unit of the Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Middleton. They had been attracted by posters which Jim had placed on notice boards around the Valley to promote Square Dancing. Jim did some research on square dance clubs in the states for the handicapped and after a meeting with Hospital personnel, he decided to start a mentally handicapped square dance club in the valley. The Valley Squares was born in July of 2000.
      The Valley Squares is a caller run club for the mentally handicapped with Jim and taw Marion Webber at the helm. There is no charge to the new dancers to learn Square Dancing. The level of dance is basic and mainstream with lots of fun thrown in. The Baptist Church in Middleton on Commercial Street donates their hall for them to use on Wednesday afternoons. At the present time Jim and Marion plan to operate the Valley Squares year round.

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