Shifting Boundaries

Shifting Boundaries -- an exploration of natural building materials -- is an exhibit which ran at the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from May 13 to July 4, 1999.

It is a collaborative project by six Nova Scotia artists - Jeff Achenbach, Christopher Majka, Rod Malay, Jude Major, Allan Silliboy, and Kim Thompson. The curator is Kim Thompson.

The exhibit investigates natural building materials - straw, clay, cob, stone, birchbark and fabric - in contemporary and traditional applications. The structures are linked together by their earth-based origins, and by the artists intent to move viewers in simple and playful ways towards the realization that such technologies and materials are within reach of all.

It's larger metaphysical purpose is to empower people with these simple and traditional, yet powerful and versatile materials. To in some small way introduce people to the spiritual dimensions of working with such materials and the physical pleasure of doing so.

The physical exhibit closed on July 5, 1999 but the cyber exhibit remains open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Moreover, we hope to remount the exhibit itself at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. In the meantime ...