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RAP 108/801
Before & After the Gathering
         While you are waiting for news about the gathering site, and later on when you travel to the next event, hold in your heart the spirit of the Gathering and live what you have learned there. 
           If you are camping, walk lightly on the land.  Remember, she is your mother and she deserves your care and respect.  Harm no living thing. 
          Recycle whenever possible, and clean up when you leave. Leave no trace behind you. 
          If you camp with others, work together to manifest the community that nourishes and supports us.  
        Share your resources, learn from your brothers and sisters, expand your creativity, and develop a self-sufficient life-style.
        Get to know your neighbors and take responsibility for maintaining peace and harmony among them. Shanti Sena is a way of life.
       Remember that the presence of large numbers of folks traveling through a small town can heavily impact the residents there.  Please treat them with respect.  Your attitude and actions will leave them with a life-long impression of Rainbow.  Make it a positive one.
        Be well!