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RAP 701
Happy Trails
   In preparation for leaving...Pack up all your trash and take it away. Take it far away. Do not impact the small towns near the gathering. Drop recyclables in appropriate collection areas.

   Dismantle and disappear your encampment. Pick up your litter. Vanish ALL traces. Douse your fire, ashes cold, scatter your fire rocks. Replace turf.

   Cover your local latrine and compost holes solidly with lime and soil. . Latrine tops are burned. Remove string and twine from tree limbs. Break up hardened ground with shovels or picks for future root growth and moisture catch. Intermix humus from forest ground if possible.

   NATURALIZE! When an area is clear and clean scatter logs, branches, leaves. Disappear trails, renew forest habitat. Water systems are removed, cleaned and stored for next year.

   Help with disabled vehicles, fully dismantle ramps and bridges. Water bar steep places to prevent erosion. The final crew re-seeds with appropriate vegetation to complete the process.

   Transport as many riders as possible out of the area. Treat local folks with great kindness.

   Drive safely and share this love wherever you go.
editor's note:  Take it easy when you hit the road. After that good time your sense of time and space may take a while to return to what we laughingly call "normal".  K?   W^B

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