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About Rainbow

Rainbow Family ... a collection of individuals who gather to pray for peace and healing from July 1-7
The Rainbow Gatherings started in the early 70's when a small group of visionaries called for a gathering of anyone who would come to a mountain in Colorado on the fourth of July to pray for world peace. They invited hippies, freaks and everyone else including world leaders. Thousands showed up. This was the first annual peace vigil. These same people decided to gather again the following fourth of July.

Since then the Gatherings have grown in size and numbers as each region has started their own regional Gatherings. In addition pretty much every other country in the world hosts their own Gatherings. It is our shared vision to unite all the world into one global family. The people who make up the family come from all walks of life, representing all religions, races, occupations, age groups, and sexual orientations.What unites us is a common vision of unity, achievable world peace, and most of all LOVE.
The gatherings start with a seed camp, this is when we set up everything from kitchens and bridges to water supply and latrines for all the people who come for the Gatherings. Then after the main Gathering is over many people stay behind for as long as it takes to clean up the site. After we leave a site you won't be able to tell that thousands of people had been there. Every cigarette butt is picked up and all the paths re-seeded. We take pride in taking care of mother earth, after all our purpose is world peace and the healing of the land.

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