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Upcoming Events - Posted Courtesy
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The following upcoming events are posted by a volunteer.
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February 25th, 2017
            Walking Together on the Coldest Night of the Year

   While Nova Scotia shovels out from the snow, Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission
is working hard preparing for first fundraiser out in Bridgewater.

   Weeks like this one remind us of why having a drop-in centre in both
Halifax and Bridgewater is so important.  Even in the worst weather conditions,
we still have hungry souls coming through our doors looking for a meal or
just a warm place to spend an afternoon.  In Halifax this week, our chef
came in on the weekend to prepare food in advance, staff took turns sleeping
over, and we picked up a cheap snow blower to ensure that our doors didn't

   We're just getting on our feet in Bridgewater, having opened just last
summer in July.  We are already feeding up to 40 guests a day, including
men, women and children!  Along with food, and utilities, there are some
start up expenses.  Thanks to the generous folks on the South Shore, we've
raised the roof already - with the community coming together to donate
$15,000!  Now the town is generously giving us one year to make our
building accessible, with a ramp, a new doorway, a bathroom retrofit and
emergency lighting, so that we are up to code in our little town.

   That's why we decided to walk on Feb. 25th, as part of 'The Coldest Night Of
The Year'.  Currently 67 walkers have signed up to help raise funds in
Bridgewater to make sure the building remains operational, even on the
coldest night of the year.  Only a week and a half to go and we're still
hoping to have as many as 100 walkers out in Bridgewater that night.  Our
fundraising goal is $20,000 which will go a long way towards making sure
the Mission in Bridgewater gets the repairs it needs.

   More importantly, we hope that this event will raise awareness of this
important work out in Bridgewater.  Every step taken is a step towards
getting the word out - Bridgewater has men, women and children dealing with
poverty, mental illness, addiction, or even just loneliness.  We want to be
a safe place for those in need, whether the need is a place to warm up, a
hot meal, or a listening ear.

   For more information, call Michelle Porter at 902-999-5572 or see

March 3rd, 2017
             Women's Inter-Church Council Halifax-Metro 2017
                        World Day of Prayer Service

   The Women's Inter-Church Council of Halifax-Metro will celebrate the 2017
World Day of Prayer with a service to take place at 2:00 p.m. on Friday,
March 3, 2017 at the Fairview United Church, 3524 Dutch Village Road in
Halifax.  Storm date will be same time on March 10. 

   The service this year has been written by the World Day of Prayer
Committee of The Philippines on the theme "Am I Being Unfair To You?".

   The World Day of Prayer is a global, ecumenical movement of Christian
women who come together to observe a common day of prayer.  Please join us
as we learn, pray and celebrate in solidarity with the women of the
Philippines.  A reception will follow the service and all are welcome.