About The Official Halifax Summit Site


This site is the product of many hands and minds. It is a joint initiative of governments of Canada, Nova Scotia and Halifax in conjunction with the Chebucto Community Net. It is the official World Wide Web Site of the Halifax Summit. It provides, historical and cultural information to our visitors. A showcase of technology and skills used by Nova Scotians and Canadians and an authoritative guide to Halifax Summit happenings. It will incorporate up to the hour press releases and point to other information of interest to summiteers, other visitors and Canadians. It is a pilot project which is creating the expertise and mechanisms for this and other community access networks to promote community events to residents, visitors and the world.


This site will both contain official information and be enriched by pointers to other sites. Documentation that is 1) installed on this site and 2) vetted by a branch of government will contain a recognition icon (or statement for text browser accesses) for each Welcome to the Official Halifax Summit WWW Site.
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