The Summit in Context

Many organizations and individuals around the world have expressed their interest in the Halifax G7 Summit by putting up information they belief to be important or interesting. While most of these sites are unofficial they provide a wealth of quality information.

Summit Facts and Figures

Department of Foreign Affairs
An official description of summit issues, government goals, and the current socio-economic status of Canada and its G7 partners.
Greening the Summit
A comprehensive guide to this ground breaking initiative
Halifax Summit
Provided by Training Technology Group at Dalhousie University, includes list of government servers, tourism pages and more
Halifax Summit Proposals
Alfer's Summit Site
Links to participating countries, media and government information and other sites.
MT&T Site news information, technology at the summit
Daily News Summit Section
Daily Summit Updates
University of Toronto G7 Information Centre
Alternate Sites, Publications and Research
There is now a chess page for the Global InterAction Chess Tournament taking place as a part of the Halifax Summit.
Calling all amateur radio operators
SoftQuad's News Reports
As it happens online journalism
Teleglobe Canada
The Open Text Corporation's Site
From a creator of powerful indexing and search software
Teen Journalism
Accredited students give you the straight scoop

Summit History

Chronology G7 Summit Meetings - [Text Version]
Notes on Previous G7 Summits
Halifax Herald - Archives Information
Indexed collection of Chronicle Herald stories on recent summits and the current Halifax Summit
G7 Conference Information (Brussels, February 1995) February 1995 Pre-summit.
G7 Live: The Daily Internet News Brief on the 1995 G7
Naples Group of 7 Summit

Living with the Halifax Summit

The Cornwallis School Project
An ambitious photo essay recording the Halifax cityscape before and after summit preparation and several journalistic pieces. A must see
Security and the Downtown Office Worker
CCN member John van Gurp puts his public space to good work

Nova Scotia - Facts and Facets

Meet us, meet our past and see our bright future
HalifaxHome Page for Halifax Tourism
A Current Economic-Political Overview provided by the N.S. Department of Finance
Economic considerations of the Halifax Summit - prepared by the Nova Scotia Department of InterGovernmental Affairs
The Nova Scotia Back Grounders
Economic impact studies focussing on Infrastructure and Visitor Expenditures
Nova Scotia Museums Home Page
The Nova Scotia Museum: A Family of 25 museums that unlock the secrets of our history and the mysteries of our natural world
Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic

Alternative Events

The People's Summit A festival, speaker series and many other activites incorporating the issues and people from a wide variety of causes and backgrounds.

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