G7 Waste Zero Program

[HSO]Halifax April 12, 1995 -- The Halifax Summit Office (HSO) reaffirmed it's commitment to hosting a green summit today. In conjunction with the World Trade and Convention Centre, HSO unveiled it's "G-7 Waste Zero" program. This pilot program will divert 85% of potential waste materials generated at the Media Centre and special events sites during the G-7.

[HSO]"This is a very ambitious program," says Malcolm McKechnie, spokesperson for the Halifax Summit Office. "The Halifax Summit is being used to lever ideas and leave them there for the future."

[HSO]"If successfull, this project can be used as a benchmark for other large scale events," adds Fred McGillivray, President and CEO of Trade Centre Ltd. "By 'greening' an event as big as the Summit, we are in effect demonstrating the ease and economic sense of other businesses doing the same."

[HSO]The "zero Waste" program is a four stream collection program. The daily waste of all Summit sties will be seperated into dry recyclablle materials and fibre, organis matter, specialty waste and residue. When everything is sorted organic waste and fibre will be transported to a composting facility. Very little will head to the landfill site. Earth Cycle Opportunities Society is implementing the program

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